By Lauren Fruncillo November 9, 2021 - 4:18 pm

Amazon and Weber File Joint Lawsuit Against Counterfeiters

Amazon and Weber have jointly filed a lawsuit against 12 defendants for selling products that illegally bear the WEBER® registered trademark in Amazon’s store. The defendants attempted to offer counterfeit versions of the global grill maker’s grill covers, violating Amazon’s policies, infringing on Weber’s registered

Amazon Counterfeit Crimes Unit calls for government and businesses to work together

Amazon say that consumers deserve to get the authentic products they purchased and that the entire retail industry and government bodies must step up, work together, and stop counterfeiters to protect consumers, rights owners, and store operators from these criminals. Amazon are no slouch when

Etsy Supports Newly Introduced House INFORM Legislation

Etsy have announced that that they support the new House INFORM Legislation introduced by Chairwoman Jan Schakowsky and Ranking Member Gus Bilirakis. In their press release, Etsy detail how supporting the new legislation means they can continue building trust among their users and operate with transparency

Amazon’s settlement with counterfeiting scheme influencers

Amazon have announced that they have reached a settlement with influencers who used TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook to run a counterfeiting scheme where they would promote and facilitate the sale of counterfeit luxury fashion goods in Amazon’s store, as well as on other online marketplaces.

Amazon and GoPro File Joint Lawsuit against Counterfeiters

Amazon and GoPro have filed a joint Lawsuit against individuals for counterfeiting GoPro accessories. The products in question include the floating hand grip, “The Handler,” and the “3-Way” grip, extension arm, and tripod mount. The defendants attempted to offer the infringing products in Amazon’s store,

Dodgy Amazon FBA stock to be disposed of – New Policy

Amazon have announced that dodgy Amazon FBA stock will be chucked in the bin or otherwise disposed of under a new unsuitable inventory investigations policy which comes into effect on the 19th of March. Under the new policy, if Amazon suspect that you may have been

Amazon and Salvatore Ferragamo file joint counterfeit lawsuits

Amazon and Salvatore Ferragamo have filed two joint counterfeit lawsuits. Four individuals and three entities attempted to offer the infringing Ferragamo products in Amazon's store. According to Amazon, this violates Amazon’s policies, Ferragamo’s intellectual property rights, and the law. Amazon prohibit counterfeiters being sold on their

Amazon fights counterfeit Super Bowl merchandise in US

Amazon have recently announced that their Counterfeit Crimes Unit and the U.S. government’s National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center are working together to fight counterfeit Super Bowl merchandise. They will work to identify counterfeiters wherever they operate and prevent counterfeit products from entering the U.S.

Amazon Hidden Links lawsuit against social influencers

It's getting hard to sell fakes and counterfeits on Amazon, so much so that fraudsters are using so called Amazon hidden links to flog their wares. Now first up it's worth pointing out that some consumers actually want to buy fakes - they can't afford the

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