By Chris Dawson July 2, 2020 - 11:17 am

UK Carrier Consortium delivers COVID-19 tests but opens Pandora’s Box

Some of the biggest rivals in the UK parcel industry have pooled their resources and expertise, in a new UK Carrier Consortium, to manage the nationwide collection and delivery of Covid-19 home testing kits into testing laboratories. The test collection programme feeds into a study coordinated

From 750,000 temporarily closed, 85,000 businesses launched online

During the Coronavirus lock down, 750,000 businesses were forced to temporarily close their doors and shut but 85,000 businesses launched online shops as the lock down creating a digital boom. The reality is that many of these businesses should already have been online. The lock

German temporary VAT cuts from today to 31st Dec 2020

Boris is saying 'Build! Build! Build!' to get the country's economy going again after the pandemic and in very Labouresque style banished all thoughts of austerity, as he throws caution to the winds, aiming to spend our way to prosperity. Quite how much money will

Scurri sees accelerated growth through pandemic

Whist the pandemic has been punitive for many businesses (especially those in Leicester which on the brink of opening this coming Saturday have had the door slammed shut again), for others it's boosted their business and accelerated growth that perhaps would have much longer to

Mirakl’s marketplace helps solve French PPE crisis

Back in March, to assist the French Government and healthcare personnel in their fight against the Coronavirus, Mirakl launched the marketplace. Working in collaboration with the Ministry for the Economy and Finance, the Mirakl-powered marketplace aimed to solve the shortage of essential products and

How Will In-store Shopping Look In The Months Ahead?

As stores across the country start to lift their shutters and in-store shopping restarting, Rory O’Connor, CEO & Founder, Scurri asks what are the next array of challenges, areas that retailers need to be mindful of in the weeks and months ahead. Retailers have a key

Open for business: Amazon FBA Quantity Limits End

Amazon is opening back up for more normal business with Amazon FBA quantity limits coming to an end as they recover from emergency coronavirus operations. However there are still some restrictions around products weighing more than 15kg due to ongoing social distancing requirements and the

Frequent Amazon shoppers expanded to new categories during lockdown

Amazon may have battened down the hatches, as soon as the Coronavirus struck, and frozen non-essential goods in FBA in order to focus on getting products people really needed out of the door, but this doesn't appear to have kept the shoppers away. Since lockdown

Watch again: Coronavirus shops re-open back to work webinar

If you missed today's coronavirus shops re-open back to work webinar, discussing ecommerce strategies for retailers then you can stream it ondemand here. With businesses across the country opening up and lock down restrictions starting to be relaxed things are anything bar normal and they’re likely

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