By Chris Dawson September 15, 2021 - 8:00 am

D2C revenues expected to surge say Brand CMOs

Where do you buy your next KitchenAid mixer now that Debenhams has gone? This is a question that many manufacturers are asking and you probably haven't missed the deluge of ads on the telly box from brands offering incentives to buy direct or with additional

Driver shortages see McDonald’s run out of milkshake

If you are popping into McDonald's for lunch today you might be disappointed as they've not only run out of milkshakes but there's also a shortage of bottled drinks across their 1,250 restaurants in the UK. The company have put this down to driver shortages.

£3m Klarna Small Business Support Package for SME recovery

A new £3m Klarna Small Business Support Package has been launched today, to help British SMEs recover from the pandemic. The package comes as new research reveals a quarter (24%) of SMEs aren’t confident their business will survive the next two years with 46% of

Frivolous purchases during lockdown worth £1,380 on eBay

As restrictions have finally eased across the country and the nation looks for ways to fund summer plans, coming to you with new research from eBay which reveals UK families could be sitting on a whopping £1,380 worth of lockdown clutter. From March 2020 to

British SME’s show resilience during the pandemic

As restrictions are lifted, data released by Sky Connect reveals that 80% of the UK’s SMEs believe they have shown more resilience during the pandemic than larger businesses over the past year. In fact, SMEs have fared better than larger businesses with Local Data Company research

Small Business Power – 237% rise in SMEs selling on eBay

eBay UK are launching new support package to help power the new wave of small businesses on the platform to grow as the UK unlocks and the marketplace celebrates Small Business Power. This package includes seller offers, coupons to encourage shoppers to buy into Small

1/3 Brits increase spending as pandemic restrictions ease

More than a third of Brits plan to increase spending as pandemic restrictions ease, according to new Integral Ad Science (IAS) report that examines how UK consumer behaviour and spending habits will change as COVID-19 restrictions ease, providing insights for marketers on how they can

Delivery expectations as England lockdown eases

Today is a big day in much of the UK, not quite the promised freedom day, but a few nightclubs opened at midnight to let the crowds onto the dancefloor once again and weddings are taking place today with no coronavirus restrictions hampering their celebrations

InPost CEO on consumer nervousness & retailer responsibilities

As far as we know, on Monday the UK will be removing restrictions and with cases continuing to rise as they did back in winter, the thought of our upcoming freedom is causing consumer nervousness. Jason Tavaria, CEO of InPost has commented on the ongoing nervousness

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