By Chris Dawson February 14, 2020 - 8:45 am

Amazon Utility Patent Neutral Evaluation Procedure

If you've been selling on marketplaces for any length of time, you've undoubtedly heard about a merchant who's received an IP infringement notice from a brand, manufacturer or competitor. Often times these IP infringement claims are fully justified, but there are also instances where it's

Disney are cracking down on Baby Yoda copyright infringements

Since the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Baby Yoda has been a massive hit and Disney's efforts to keep him under wraps has caused a platoon of unofficial Baby Yoda's. Disney are now cracking down on offending businesses by issuing takedown notices

Sellers of illegal streaming Premiership Football devices hit with fines

There's no place to hide on the Internet as two sellers of illegal streaming media devices just found out with fines of £18,000 and £8,000. They've also naturally been instructed to cease trading in the devices. Both sellers were selling devices, with pirate subscriptions enabling the

Copyright basics, webinar: 23/3/17

Learn all about copyright basics in this British Library webinar

How to get a Trademark or Copyright

Stacy from The Lemongrass Trading Company has recently been to an IPO (Intellectual Property Office) workshop and come back brimming with information on how to register your own Trademark to to make sure that your IP is protected with Copyright. If you want to ensure you

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana merchandise on eBay

The name of the latest addition to the Royal Family, Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge to give her full title, was announced today to be Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Congratulations to the Cambridges on their new daughter. Within hours eBay is full of , and

Lush do battle with Amazon over fakes

Bath product company Lush has criticised online marketplace Amazon for not acting on its reports of fake, branded Lush products for sale on the site. Over the course of three years, Amazon didn't act to eradicate the trademark infringing items so Lush resorted to the courts

Google to penalise websites that copy content

Copyright infringement is something close to the heart of most website owners. You spend hours on that perfect product shot, you carefully word your blog posts and item descriptions for maximum impact. You tweak your website to get the right keywords in your articles and

The Hobbit pub ordered to change name for IP infringement

There's a pub in Southampton which has for the last 20 years been called The Hobbit. The pub is now facing demands to change it's name due the upcoming film release by the same name. Apparently use of "The Hobbit" is "likely to cause confusion,

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