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By Chris Dawson October 16, 2019 - 8:00 am

OnBuy announce new focus on Refurbished Electronics

OnBuy are to provide more choice for its customers with the introduction of a dedicated department for refurbished electronics for the first time, following a significant increase in demand. This move comes as consumers are increasingly realising the advantages of buying refurbished products with both

Apple Power Adapter Takeback Program

Do you sell third party chargers for consumer electronics on eBay? If so, and if you sell Apple chargers, there may be some trouble coming down the line. Following the death last month of a Chinese lady who was electrocuted whilst making a call on her

eBay Electronics Fees raised 60% in September

Are you selling in the electronics categories on eBay UK? If so are you aware that as well as paying final value fees on postage, you may also be facing a 3% hike in your total final value fees from the 4th of September? Currently eBay's

3 Reasons Consumer Electronics Sucks on

Stuart from Freedom Mobiles is well versed in the selling of consumer electronics as he also runs Tablet Monster and iPad-Recycle. However he has some specific complaints about Amazon which make selling consumer electronics tricky: Amazon is a well-oiled machine for selling bar-coded items such as

New eBay UK electronics microsite

Have you noticed the new "Electronics" tab at the top of eBay, alongside the Categories, Fashion and Daily Deals? Clicking into the Electronics tab takes you to a dedicated page promoting Mobile Phones, iPads Tablets and eReaders, Printers and Scanners, Cameras and Games. There are electronic

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