By Chris Dawson October 19, 2017 - 6:30 pm

Linn Academy: Rise of the Robots with John Lawson

If you want to know what AI, VR, Robots, Big Data and the Cloud mean to ecommerce, not to mention the bots that you're probably using without even realising it, then John Lawson's keynote talk at the Linnworks Linn Academy 2017 is a must watch.

Top tips for migrating applications to the cloud

There is little doubt that the days of running your business with desktop applications are almost entirely history. With ever more reliable Internet connections services such as eBay's TurboLister which you'd install on your desktop are being discontinued and even basic office applications are increasingly

Khaos Control launch new Cloud service

Khaos Cloud has launched a new Cloud service that has been developed to enable both retailers and wholesalers to increase efficiency and fulfill more orders. Using integrated dashboards, the new application can manage a company’s operations from a single platform – including stock levels, sales,

Amazon Web Services S3 wobbles causing problems for cloud users

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a significant part of Amazon's business and, more importantly, a very big part of their revenues and profitability. It's the part of Amazon that offers cloud storage and functionality for web firms. A huge number of websites and services rely on

Shopware now available in the cloud with Bitnami

Shopware has teamed up with Bitnami to offer its services through the cloud. Brad Bock of Bitnami says: “Bitnami and Shopware are a great fit because we both value providing a high quality, low-friction deployment experience for companies who might not otherwise consider taking advantage

Google could win PayPal’s cloud patronage

The undoubted top-notch provider of cloud services is Amazon. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a hugely successful, a massive revenue driver and credited with being well ahead both Microsoft and Google. So it's interesting that PayPal is thinking of throwing its lot in with Google as

2012 Dropbox hack could affect 68 million users today

You might use Dropbox for business or pleasure. It's a very handy service for storing documents in the cloud that you can then easily share with friends or work colleagues. For the most part (unless you upgrade), it's entirely free. I'm not unusual myself in using

Google Next event, London: 23/6/15

If you want to know more about the opportunities and possibilities surrounding the Google Cloud Platform, then this might well be the event for you. You can find out more about the event, speakers and exact agenda on this page. Here's what to expect: "At

86% of UK SMEs use the cloud

According to research conducted by BT Business, roughly 86% of British small businesses are utilising the cloud in some way as part of their operations. In association with British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), the research shows that cloud technology is chiefly being used by staff

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