By Chris Dawson September 14, 2020 - 10:55 am

Get ready for the holiday retail season with Linnworks & eBay

The holiday retail season is coming earlier this year and Linnworks and eBay are here to help you navigate the busiest selling season of 2020. The peak selling season will be like no previous year and being prepared for the onslaught is key. With a soft

What consumers want this Christmas according to Magento

I'm not claiming you'll be able to pull a Mel Gibson and eavesdrop on consumer conversations after electrocuting yourself however, I can tell you that Magento have revealed what shoppers will be looking for this Christmas season in their newly released guide. Understandably this Christmas

2020 eBay Christmas Spend Trends in a pandemic world

Thinking about Christmas while it's 33 degrees outside and hardly dropping below 20 degrees at night? Possibly not, but over a quarter (27%) of consumers are planning to start Christmas shopping and preparations earlier than they did last year due to COVID-19 worries and wanting

Top items to sell post Christmas on eBay

A staggering 74 million items were listed post Christmas on eBay in 2018 as Brits packed up unused items for re-sale, with iPhones, PS4 consoles and laptops taking the lead in search term volume. The 30th of December was when more items were listed than

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2020

2019 is drawing to a close and it's time to say Merry Christmas as the festive holiday gives online sellers a few days downtime after what's been a year of uncertainty and frankly for many online sellers a lot of hard work. Whether you are shutting

Amazon ruin Christmas with revealing and tainted packaging

Here we go again... People are turning green and running off to live in a mountain outside of Whoville because Amazon ruin Christmas with their revealing or tainted packaging. No need for courier stickers to ruin retail packaging or having to tell Children that Santa delivered

Are you staying open for Christmas and New Year?

We know that many online sellers will be only too pleased to put their holiday settings on and shut up shop for Christmas, but there will be others working through the holiday period and, for those staying open for Christmas, this is a time to

A holiday message from eBay for Business UK

Christmas is fast approaching and many will be preparing for the holidays, and that includes the guys and girls that work at eBay for Business UK. Before they take a few days off over the Bank Holiday, they wanted to send you a holiday message

Are you shutting up shop for Christmas?

There was once a time when even the Internet went quiet at Christmas, but in today's world of mobile, dual screening when watching the Christmas movie and an expectation that the Boxing Day and even New Year's sales will be live on Christmas Day, consumers

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