By Dan Wilson August 18, 2017 - 8:05 am

Alibaba delivers 56% year on year revenue growth

Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba has delivered what can only be described as astonishing figures and growth in the quarter ending 30th June. Here are some highlights, taken from their press release. - Revenue was RMB50,184 million (US$7,403 million), an increase of 56% year-over-year. - Revenue from core

Alibaba Gateway ’17 Canada Access to China Conference

If you're a retailer based in Canada and always thought that the Chinese market was too expensive and difficult to target then it's time for a rethink. Alibaba's founder Jack Ma is coming to Toronto on the 25th of September with the Gateway '17 Canada

Alibaba’s TMall launches Luxury Pavilion

Chinese shoppers love luxury goods, this can be seen if you walk down London's main shopping streets and take note of the number of Chinese holiday makers shopping with the country's top retailers. Such is the demand that some will even accept Alipay, the Chinese

Alibaba win civil case against fake cat food seller

Alibaba have announced that a seller accused of selling counterfeit cat food on their marketplace has been found guilty. The defendant has been ordered to pay Alibaba Taobao marketplace RMB 120,000 in damages (somewhat less than the RMB 2.67 million they sued for but the case

Alibaba run matchmaking service connecting US SMEs with Taobao merchants

Alibaba have launched the 'Taobao Global US Merchants Network' to offer small businesses a way to reach more than half a billion consumers on the Chinese e-commerce giant’s platforms. The aim of the network is matchmaking - connecting US small businesses with merchants and distributors on

Newegg to launch in China with easy selling solution for small retailers

Newegg are to launch in China this coming Autumn. As announced at the recent Newegg Seller Day, the marketplace is expanding to 50 countries around the world and of all of these China is potentially the most interesting. We've written many times about Chinese marketplaces on

London’s Farfetch fashion marketplace tie up with in China

London based online platform for fashion Farfetch have inked a deal with which will give them access to the Chinese market. will invest $397m in Farfetch and in return the company will plug into's China-based logistics, technology and social media marketing resources. are

Just two weeks until the Newegg Seller Day on 15th June

In just two weeks on the 15th of June the Newegg Seller Day will be held in London. The event coincides with London Tech Week, which is expected to draw 40,000 attendees from 70+ countries. Newegg’s online retail platform has helped thousands of sellers expand their

Chinese shoppers love to buy overseas with Amazon

It looks like Amazon's attempts to attract Chinese shoppers to items being sold by merchants in the US, Japan and UK are paying off. Apparently, since inception in 2014, Amazon China's overseas shopping service has seen 17 million items being bought by Chinese shoppers from

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