By Chris Dawson May 4, 2021 - 1:00 pm

Chinese eBay payments payouts to be powered by Payoneer

As announced earlier in the year, Chinese eBay payments are coming to Greater China over the next few months, but it's not a country where banking is as advanced as in the UK, so how do they get payments to sellers, especially in a multi-currency

Alibaba CEO addresses China’s changing regulatory landscape

Alibaba group have recently reported another strong quarter as revenue increased 37% year-over-year to reach RMB221 billion and annual active consumers and GMV of their China retail marketplaces continued to grow. With this announcement, Alibaba Chairman and CEO Daniel Zhang addressed investors to talk about

eBay Managed Payments coming to Sellers in Greater China

eBay announced this week that they will be expanding their management of payments for sellers in Greater China. In April 2021 the company will offer buyers more flexibility and choice in payment methods and give sellers an easier way to manage their businesses. eBay have already

Why is export to China only considered by 7% of SMEs

Why don't you export to China? Many of the online sellers we speak to talk not of difficulties of the mechanics such as translation, currency and other technology to list and manage online offers, but the problems of scale. The perceived thinking is that you

How to win the big sale events in Chinese ecommerce

Bigger than Black Friday, learn how to win the big sale events in Chinese ecommerce in this webinar presented by the DIT. More than £30 billion is spent online on imported (35%) and domestic consumer brands during China’s version of Black Friday, which takes place on

Alibaba cut China to Europe delivery times by 30%

Alibaba Group's logistics arm Cainiao Smart Logistics Network are to start a new international shipping route this month to speed up average delivery times between China and Europe by over 30%. Launched with air-freight carrier Volga-Dnepr Group, the new route is aimed at addressing the boom

DHL Global Forwarding introduce block train connections from Germany to China

DHL have recently announced that they have introduced two new block train connections from Germany to China to their DHL Global Forwarding division to help relieve pressures and demand for the transportation of goods to Asia. This is yet another way DHL Global Forwarding is

Alibaba: Unlocking the China Opportunity

Thursday this week, around 700 retailers and brands met with Alibaba for a day focussing on unlocking the China Opportunity. The main aim of the day was to introduce British businesses to Alibaba, who's goal is to make it easy for British companies to do

Chemist Warehouse deepen footprint in China with Tmall tie-up

Australia’s largest pharmacy retailer, Chemist Warehouse are strengthening their presence in South Asia with an extended partnership with Tmall marketplace, signalling their accelerated commitment to succeeding in China. The Melbourne-based company signed an updated agreement to sell through Tmall Global, Alibaba’s dedicated cross-border marketplace, for another

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