By Chris Dawson February 7, 2017 - 3:15 pm

The Top 5 Ecommerce Markets in the World (Infographic)

If you're planning to expand internationally, it makes sense to attack the countries with the biggest ecommerce shares and know what matters to shoppers in those countries. Lengow have researched the numbers and revealed that the ecommerce market rankings are now led by China followed

The 3 Events that Shaped Chinese Ecommerce in 2016

Following on from her article "Top tips for selling to China", Lengow's Betty Touzeau looks back at 2016 and the events that shaped Chinese ecommerce over the past year: While most Western countries are already well into the new year, China has just celebrated their traditional

Lengow’s Betty Touzeau’s top tips for selling to China

With the Chinese Year just passed, we thought it would be a great time of year to look again at China. Something that's often forgotten is the size of the Chinese community living in the UK and EU and whilst they might follow UK holidays,

Amazon ahoy! Now they’re taking to the seas.

Amazon isn't afraid to test the boundaries of their business, experiment, innovate or adopt new ideas. They already lease planes and run an airport in Germany. Amazon is ploughing ahead with drones for delivery. They've taken on groceries and within the hour delivery with Amazon

How Alibaba plan to conquer the West

The first business to meet with Donald Trump when became President of the United States was Alibaba. Alibaba’s Executive Chairman Jack Ma pledged to help create one million jobs in the US in five years by helping small businesses sell products to China and other

Alibaba revenues jump 54% in Q3

News in from China. Alibaba has delivered some stellar results for the third quarter in 2016. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. reported a 54% year on year increase in revenues in the third quarter 2016. In China that quarter ends on the 31st December. 82% of China’s

World First – Sponsored Post: The sun rises in the east

China wakes up to cross-border e-commerce If you’re an online seller, you’re probably already aware that China is the go-to destination for those looking to reach new customers and expand their business. The demographics present an unrivalled opportunity for savvy etailers who can carve out a

President Elect Trump opens the door to deals for the UK and China

Whatever you think of the US President Elect one thing is certain - President Trump's uncoming inauguration is generating a lot of interest around the world and, priding himself as a business man, he wants to do business. .@BorisJohnson joins us in Washington to discuss president-elect

First China to Barking train en route laden with goods

Traditionally if you were sourcing stock in China you'd either pay to fly small lightweight items to the UK, or you would be waiting a couple of months for them to be loaded onto a ship and make their way across the high seas. Now