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By Chris Dawson October 14, 2013 - 10:07 am

Login and Pay with Amazon PayPal competitor

Amazon have launched what looks like a direct competitor to PayPal - Login and Pay with Amazon. Sadly it's only currently available in the US with no expectation that it'll come to the UK any time soon. The new Login and Pay with Amazon services aims

Javari holds “Sneaking Into Fashion” show

Javari is showcasing some of the world's rarest trainers at a "Sneaking Into Fashion" event in Covent Garden running from the 18th to 28th October. The exhibition explores how trainers or "sneakers" have become part of daily life worn by everyone from school kids to

Do your customers want Checkout by Amazon?

Following the news that M&S have launched a new Webstore with Checkout by Amazon it's worth taking a closer look at the solution. M&S have opted to exclusively accept payments via Amazon Checkout on their Outlet website so they obviously believe Amazon Checkout won't deter

How to sell to 10s of millions of Amazon customers

How much do you know about the Amazon products and services available to you? Now's the time to find out how you can access Amazon's vast pool of customers and get your products in front of them. .link, .link a, #SignUp .signupframe { color: #4B4B4B; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; } .link, .link

Which Amazon products and services do you use?

It would seem logical that most people that sell on eBay would also sell on Amazon, so which Amazon products and services do you use? Do you sell on one or more Amazon country sites? Do you use Fulfilment by Amazon? What about Amazon webstore

Checkout by Amazon now available for UK websites

UK webstore owners have a new payment option to offer to their customers. Checkout by Amazon has now launched in the UK. Retailers can sign up to offer shoppers payment with their Amazon log on credentials by signing up at Amazon Payments. There are very few

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Tom: This is not a new program, it is just a rebrand. It was previously called Amazon...
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Chang: With split payment; Produce the purchase invoice for highest amount and claim back the VAT...
7 hours ago
Chang: The non UK sellers will find the way around it by using the reverse system. For...
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Paul: LOL, my eBay account is run as a Ltd Company (in England & Wales). I used...