By Chris Dawson January 21, 2021 - 10:00 am

Reach over 2m active customers in Australia with Catch

Join DIT and Catch to discover how to reach over 2m active customers in Australia in this webinar taking place on Tuesday the 9th of February 2021 starting at 10am. The Catch marketplace are interested in UK brands across a wide variety of categories: beauty, electronics,

Top 3 Australian Marketplaces Ranked by Traffic

eBay have for many years had the marketplace business sewn up in Australia with little to no competition. Some Australians would buy from (briefly stopped in July 2018 and reinstated in November). There was also an alternative daily deals site - Catch [of the

How to decide which Australian Marketplace to sell on

Australia is perhaps the continent of most interest to marketplace sellers - China and India are talked about a lot but the barriers to entry are high - too high for many merchants. Australia is a relatively easy country to trade with and there are

Catch launches Catch Outlets for Retailers & Brands in Australia

Starting in 2006 with five staff and a small warehouse, Catch has grown to be one of Australia's leading ecommerce organisations. Originally 'Catch of the Day', a daily deals site, Catch is now a full blown marketplace open to merchants from around the world including

Catch is one of the biggest Australian online retailers in its own right and in 2017 it opened an online marketplace for third party (3P) merchants to market their goods on. As a retailer, it has been operating online down under for more than a

Australian marketplaces Catch and Lux do swapsie deal

In the same week that Amazon launch in Australia, Catch and Lux, two well established Australian marketplaces have joined forces to exchange assets in a deal to benefit both businesses in their respective areas of expertise allowing them to play to their strengths for the

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Catch of the Day rebranded as and launched its own
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