By Chris Dawson March 23, 2018 - 5:42 pm

AI chatbot added to new eBay Purchase History page

eBay have revamped the Buyer Purchase History page and designed it to give clearer information to buyers as well as signposting how they can get self-service help. New eBay Purchase History Page features Quick links Right at the top of the page is a banner enabling them to

I hate when no one wins the Amazon Buy Box!

As Christmas approaches I'm finding it increasingly frustrating shopping on Amazon when no one wins the Buy Box. Having paid for an Amazon Prime membership, I tend to instantly click the Amazon Prime option to limit my search to items that can be delivered for free,

Will iBuySell be the next big marketplace?

This week a new marketplace iBuySell launched with the promise to revolutionise peer to peer selling. iBuySell officially announced the free iBuySell iPhone and Android app, available globally to app stores in over 130 countries. In reality however the site is US based, priced in dollars

PicClick visual search leaves eBay looking dated

I've found a great new tool for buyers which makes visual search on eBay so much better than using the eBay site itself. PicClick lets you search faster, see more without scrolling and frankly makes eBay search results look dated and frankly a little bit

Why eBay’s Item Specifics don’t work for me

Item specifics simply aren't working for me as a buyer on eBay. There I said it! The biggest source of my frustrations with buying on eBay (and I know for sellers as well) are summed up in that one sentence. The last couple of days

Goofbid Chrome eBay Sniper Toolbar

Our friends at Goofbid have just released a new free toolbar which enables you to snipe any auction you like on eBay. The Goofbid toolbar appears when you are browsing eBay and if you want to snipe - place a bid at the last minute

eBay: Where’s your feedback gone?

We've woken up this morning to discover that eBay has deleted everyone's feedback. Whereas once you would see a feedback score in the Seller Information Box at the head of every one of the 14 million listings on the site, today there is none. Tamebay reader Julius

Helpful information for buyers

It's quite likely that there are some customers who have outstanding orders, gift vouchers or digital downloads that they've previously purchased. Whilst we can't offer any assistance whatsoever now that has closed, we can point you towards Rakuten's advice on how to proceed

uBuyFirst launch app for eBay Power Buyers

Most of the time, when we talk about eBay on Tamebay, we write about selling, at least so far as professional eBay users go. However there are professional buyers out there too, I remember hearing about one Shooting Star (10,000+ feedback) who had never sold

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