By Lauren Fruncillo May 11, 2021 - 2:09 pm

BrickLink post-Brexit VAT collection changes

According to reports, BrickLink are making some post-Brexit VAT collection changes for UK and EU members. You may remember that back in January the company officially registered as a UK marketplace and were working on implementing a solution that meant BrickLink were responsible for the collection

BrickLink to cover VAT collection on EU goods shipped to UK

According to a report from brickfanatics, BrickLink is attempting to implement a solution that will make the platform responsible for the collection of VAT for purchases under £135, rather than the seller. Currently, sellers in the EU are responsible for paying sales tax for their non-EU


Bricklink is a US based marketplace exclusively dedicated to the sale of Lego. You can list individual pieces, full sets, Lego related items and also mini-figures (which is the official name for those little Lego people). It is available to shoppers and sellers from all

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