By Chris Dawson April 15, 2021 - 7:59 am

EU economic operator required for CE-marked products

If you’re selling CE-marked products into the EU, you will require an economic operator established in the EU by July. This impacts all sellers outside the EU which due to Brexit includes the UK as well as the US, Far East and the rest of

Avalara Webinar 11am today – 2021 UK & EU ecommerce VAT reforms

Join Tamebay and Richard Asquith, VP Global Indirect Tax, in our Avalara webinar today (Tuesday 30th March) at 11am to learn how the new ecommerce VAT obligations for sellers and marketplaces in the UK & EU will impact your business in this 2021 UK &

EU friction-free delivery and returns webinar – watch again

If you missed today's webinar on making delivery and returns to the EU friction-free, then you can now watch it again and it's recommended viewing. Our guests were Bobbie Ttooulis and Phil Bradley-Smith from GFS, and you'll see Phil becoming Phillipe from Paris ordering from

Live post Brexit shipping consumer view of UK-EU ecommerce

There has been a fundamental change with the way our relationship with the EU works... it was called Brexit and is now governed by the Trade and Cooperation agreement just hours before the end of 2020. However it's still a surprise to many, who having

Ecommerce Returns Made More Complicated by Brexit Barriers

Who'd have thought that three months on we'd still be struggling with Brexit barriers that impact how cross channel trade works? In fact, as a country, we haven't even really got internal trade sorted with Northern Ireland still seeing issues ordering goods to and from

US STOP Act EU VAT ICS2 – Three changes on top of Brexit

If you thought Brexit was bad, there's more upheaval coming mid month. With the US STOP Act EU VAT ICS2 updates on top of changes in shipping to Northern Ireland (which might or might not be postponed depending if the UK act unilaterally or the

80% Partnered Carrier programme discount on Amazon for new users

If an Amazon Partnered Carrier programme discount would convince you to try the service to get products into Amazon FBA then start planning as there's an 80% off promotion starting on the 1st of April for new users. Please note, this 80% discount only applies to

Brexit red tape – Businesses Transparency and Customer Experience issues

Brexit was hailed as an escape from the ‘red tape’ of the EU, however ecommerce businesses are learning that selling into the EU comes with more Brexit red tape than they ever had to deal with before. We asked Bobbie Ttooulis, Group Marketing Director at

Parcel backlogs continue to build at EU borders with lag of paperless trade

In this guest post today, Bobbie Ttooulis, Group Marketing Director at GFS, takes a look at the latest parcel backlogs that continue to build at EU borders and examines what appears to be a failure of the paperless trade we were told would solve many

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