By Sasha Fedorenko September 10, 2019 - 12:54 pm

Amazon Prime lands in Brazil, moving the marketplace ahead of the local pack

Amazon Prime has officially landed in the largest country of South America extending its footprint in Brazil as the marketplace aims to outmanoeuvre the local competition, setting themselves forth to gain momentum in the territory beyond the West. The £79 a year loyalty programme is enjoyed

Amazon and Alibaba both rumoured to be interested in Correios acquisition

The of Brazilian governement appears keen to privatise Correios (Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos), the national postal service of Brazil and Amazon and Alibaba have both been rumoured as interested potential buyers. In 2017, Brazil made up 38% of the entire Latin-American eCommerce market and

Amazon to beef up Brazil push with delivery innovations

It is reported that Amazon is working on a new logistics pilot project in Brazil to help it increase its toehold in the vital South American market. According to reports, Amazon is already working with CargoX, which is sometimes called Brazil’s “Uber of trucking” improve the

Brazil set to be a new horizon for Amazon

Amazon Brazil is continuing to develop and now the ecommerce giant is improving its fulfilment network in Latin America's most populous country. Amazon is reportedly looking to lease a 50,000 square metre warehouse just outside the city of Sao Paulo. The logistics investment would be

Amazon and Brazil deepen their ecommerce relationship

The Amazon and Brazil are synonymous. But the ecommerce giant isn't big there despite the fact it takes its name from the mighty river that flows through it and meets the sea at Brazil's Atlantic coast. But that seems set to change, albeit quietly at the

Postal delays in Brazil due to industrial action

Since mid September there have been delays with mail destined for Brazil following reports of widespread industrial action in the country. Originally Royal Mail advised that there could be delays of at least 10 days from posting to delivery, but we've now heard via UKP Worldwide

Alibaba to offer credit services to shoppers in Brazil

Alibaba is exploring the possibility of offering shoppers in Brazil credit facilities to accelerate ecommerge growth in the country. Brazil is a vital emerging ecommerce territory and Alibaba hasn't always succeeded in getting share in the country. It's hoped that offering credit will turbo charge

Shipping delays to Brazil could derail Olympics

As the world heads to Rio for the Olympic opening ceremonies on Friday, international delivery expert Fastlane International is warning Brazil’s overstretched logistics network may be unable to cope with the increased demand. Despite the introduction of a special ‘Olympics law’ which fast-tracks official team equipment

eBay feedback protection for Russia & Brazil

eBay want you to sell to Russia and Brazil as they're two of the fastest growing emerging markets in the world. Despite recent unrest, Brazil is going to get a double boost to their economy over the next few years hosting both the 2014 Football