By Sasha Fedorenko September 16, 2019 - 11:20 am

Coach to ‘enrich’ Tmall Luxury with a planned debut

An American luxury brand, Coach, have set their sights on bringing "rich customer experience" on Alibaba-owned marketplace, Tmall Luxury Pavilion with a scheduled launch later this year, following the peak of the Christmas shopping season. Alibaba today announced the news of Coach joining their marketplace ecosystem

Amazon tests Amazon Top Brand badge on Fashion US listings

Amazon have a raft of badges that they apply to listings - Best Seller, Amazon's Choice, Sponsored and now a new one, an Amazon Top Brand badge. Brands selling on Amazon have a problem, at one stage simply having a Brand was good enough to get

Building connections off-screen: How Taobao support pure-play brands find success offline

Taobao have teamed up with local retailers to launch a multi-labelled physical store to host independent clothing brands that sell on the Alibaba Group-owned online marketplace. The move sees Taobao embracing the omnichannel model by supporting pure-play brands debut their offering in the offline world. Piloting at

Alibaba support brands flex customer retention muscles with enhanced micro-blogging tool

Alibaba have announced the introduction of the enhanced micro-blogging feature, Weitao on their marketplaces including Taobao and Tmall in a bid to continue supporting their brands flex customer retention muscles. The micro-blogging tool is updating its layout to feature more-personalised experiences for consumers – especially for

‘We help struggling offline retailers to stay in business:’ Zalando CFO

"We help struggling offline retailers to stay in business," is how Zalando CFO described the platform's support for retailers to succumb to the declining high-street footfall. Speaking during Zalando Q2 financial results conference call, David Schröder chief financial officer (CFO) of Zalando began explaining the 'win-win'

eBay outlet launch to offer eBay Crash Sale discounts have announced the launch of eBay Summer Brand Outlet featuring steep discounts on popular brands. The move will see eBay Crash Sale offering complimentary "hot deals" on popular brands including Dyson, Samsung, adidas, Michael Kors and more to attract shoppers' attention. eBay say the outlet is

Grace Karin – Lessons from a Fashion Brand selling on Amazon

The Grace Karin team was founded in 2008 and are dedicated to offering high-quality women's fashion apparel with the principle of 'simple and stylish'. They strive to provide each customer with well fitted tailoring and a stylish collocation that emphasizes details, which helps to bring

Amazon Brand Registry Abuse is growing

For many years there have been complaints of Amazon merchants taking a generic product, putting their brand sticker on it and hijacking an ASIN. The supposed 'Brand' then complains to Amazon that the sellers who have helped build the sales history on that ASIN are

LinnAcademy speakers building brands secrets

Building brands when selling on marketplaces will be one of the key themes at Linnworks' annual LinnAcademy conference this year and, with Tamebay as media partner, Linnworks have just published a blog post exploring the topic which is well worth reading. Some of the speakers

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