Best Match

By Chris Dawson June 29, 2020 - 9:00 am

Do you want cheap Chinese or quality British products? eBay thinks it knows!

eBay have made some changes to how Best Match works and it could make the difference between seeing cheap Chinese products at the top of search or more expensive quality goods from Britain. Before we carry on, it's worth noting that not all Chinese products

Etsy Shop product order display tests

Etsy have announced that they will test rearranging the display order of items in seller's Etsy shops. Similar to eBay's Best Match, the test will order items based on information that they know about your items, 'specifically, how likely they are to result in a

eBay deleted blog post said Best Match shows different results to different people

There's nothing that gets my interest quite as much as censored content, so when I saw that eBay had published a post "Updates and Improvements: How They Benefit eBay Buyers and Sellers" and subsequently appear to have deleted it I had to take another look. The

eBay’s new GTIN Single Product Page

eBay are using Product Identifiers to create new single product pages displaying multiple offers from competing sellers along with a recommended "Top Pick" deal. It would appear that eBay are heavily driving buyers to purchase the "Top Pick" and are endorsing it as the recommended deal. eBay

eBay Expert Advice Growth Webinar 21/4/16

eBay are launching a series of webinars aiming to help professional sellers grow their businesses with eBay, with expert advice on a new topic every month. This month's webinar will be held at 10am on Thursday 21st April and the topic builds on last month's Listing

eBay Expert Advice Growth Webinar 3/3/16

eBay are launching a series of webinars aiming to help professional sellers grow their businesses with eBay, with expert advice on a new topic every month. Experts and get insider knowledge on how to boost visibility, increase sales conversions, get repeat business from customers and more,

Look out for big changes coming to eBay Search

It's not often that Tamebay suggests there's a must read (or in this case a must listen) article. But if you're making a living on eBay, or selling a lot as a multi-channel business, then it's time to tune in. eBay's President and CEO Devin

How do you get to the top of eBay search?

That's one of the questions we ask in our Tamebay ebook: "50 things every eBay seller needs to know: Trading basics for start-up sellers". A significant chunk of the ebook pulls together everything we know about Best Match, eBay's search system and how you can

eBay’s Best Match: How does it work?

Someone emailled us last week with a question: "What factors does eBay take into account for Best Match?" Best Match is the system that determines how items are displayed in eBay's search results to buyers. And we get variations on that question on a quite

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