By Chris Dawson August 10, 2021 - 11:51 am

What have barcodes ever done for us?

Today, we look at how GTINs – the numbers behind barcodes – have transformed the global economy through digitisation On 31 March 1971, more than 50 years ago, a group of business leaders put aside their commercial differences and met up in New York City to

Barcoded stamps trialled by Royal Mail

For 500 years, one Royal Mail stamp has looked exactly the same as every other stamp of the same value, with of course the exception of special stamps at Christmas and to commemorate other events. Now, for the first time in a barcoded stamps pilot,

Shiptheory have launched a barcode scanner app for android

Shiptheory, a Shipping automation platform have recently launched a Handheld Barcode Scanner for android, Streamlining ecommerce in a way that makes hitting consumer demand easier than ever, creating substantial improvements in efficiency. "We are excited to announce the launch of our handheld barcode scanner app.

Amazon Echo Show makes it even easier for consumers to spend dosh

Amazon Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8 have just received a new feature that make spending money even easier for consumers. The feature allows consumers to scan barcodes and add items to Alexa’s built in shopping list. The Echo show family’s visual displays and

Royal Mail shares dip after full year results released

Royal Mail shares slipped by just under 5% this morning following the release of their results for the full year ended 25 March 2018. Adjusted operating profit was down 2.5% to £694 million, although they saw a 2% increase in revenues. Royal Mail say that

GS1 Standards and how they revolutionised retail

GS1 standards have been powering the retail world for many decades since 1976. You probably don't think much about the humble barcode when you're in the supermarket and hear the bleeps as your purchases are scanned, but it's the power of GS1 standards that makes

Royal Mail 2D barcodes could soon expose eBay to more Money Back Guarantee cases

A Tamebay reader has some interesting background information regarding eBay and Royal Mail tracking. It appears likely that eBay might be exposing themselves to a larger number of claims under the eBay Money Back Guarantee than in the past. To understand what's changing we need to

Royal Mail 27th March 2017 Business Price Rises

Royal Mail's price increases for businesses are never as clear cut as those for consumers as the overall price rise may differ dependent on the service you use and/or your posting profile. The headline price changes are: Royal Mail 24 and Royal Mail 48 Prices for Royal

Can you edit EAN on Amazon products without affecting reviews?

Prabhat Shah at DaytodayeBay is, as the name suggests, an eBay expert but has also been working with Amazon sellers since 2009 and can help you accelerate your online sales. Today Prabhat shares that you can update your EAN's (GTIN) on Amazon: Can you edit EAN on