Bank Transfer

By Chris Dawson January 27, 2020 - 8:36 am

Couple held at gunpoint and robbed of £9k buying a car online

A couple from Norfolk were held at gunpoint and robbed of £9,000, cash they had taken to Manchester with them to pay for a car they'd purchased on eBay. Terribly frightening, and with a fractured nose, eye socket and cheekbone from the beating, it's not a

Otto introduce instant bank transfer payments

Online retailer and marketplace, Otto have introduced a first for German retailers and consumers - Otto instant bank transfer payments enable customers to transfer payments instantly for their purchases. You can read more about the selling opportunity on Otto here. This is key for the Germany

eBay France enables sellers to offer Bank Transfer payments

Spotted by a French retailer, it would appear that on eBay France you can now accept payments by Bank Transfer (Virement bancaire). Bank transfer is much loved by the Germans, whilst the French have perversely insisted on retaining and using paper cheques, so to see France

Apple scraps German Bank Transfer payments

Germans love bank transfers as a method of payment, It's almost compulsory to offer bank transfer as a payment option if you're serious about trading in Germany but Apple are bucking the trend and just dumped it. To understand the German love affair with bank transfer

Should the £50 note be scrapped?

There are calls to scrap the £50 note along with high denomination notes in other countries, claiming it would cut financial crime and terrorism. That's the opinion of a report from Harvard Kennedy School led by Peter Sands, the former Chief Executive of Standard Chartered

The cheque is still in the post

On Friday I trotted up to the bank in the village to pay in a cheque, only to return home and find that the postie had delivered another cheque to me. That means at some point tomorrow I'll be strolling back down to the bank