By Chris Dawson August 15, 2017 - 12:39 pm

Alibaba has the largest AGV ‘Robot’ Army in China

We've written in the past about robots in warehouses, so it should be no surprise to learn that Alibaba also make use of them. They're not really robots in the true sense of the word, but better described as automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) and are

Amazon now uses 45k robots to automate operations

The future is automated and Amazon is leading the way. Robots are at the core of ecommerce innovation. At the end of 2014, Amazon had 14k robots and now it has more than three times that. So what's the story at Robot Amazon? 45k robots

NetDespatch & ChannelAdvisor combine to automate shipping labels

NetDespatch has helped BabyKnowsBest make the leap from part time eBay seller to full time online retailer with an integrated web-based shipping solution. Specialising in baby accessories and baby essentials from leading manufacturers such as Philips Avent, Milton and Fisher Price, BabyKnowsBest ship more than

I purchased an Amazon Echo, should you?

Having lived with Amazon Echo for two weeks, I now feel qualified to give my verdict. I've read so many reviews raving about Echo that I feel somewhat at a loss because currently I don't particularly rate it - I would certainly add some caveats

Why Amazon Echo won’t be very good

This coming week my life will change and will supposedly never be the quite same again. I'm about to get my very own electronic personal assistant in the form of Amazon's Echo device with Alexa. Alexa will henceforth be my friend, my slave, my fount of

GFS and ChannelAdvisor announce strategic partnership

GFS and ChannelAdvisor have signed a partnership agreement to offer online multichannel retailers an automated despatch solution for fast and efficient shipping. This new partnership offers ChannelAdvisor customers the ability to print labels straight from their ChannelAdvisor system, using the hassle free integration to connect their

Brightpearl survey highlights importance of Automation

Are you using technology instead of man hours to grow your business? If not you're probably missing a trick. New research from Brightpearl has highlighted how real-time technology allows independent retailers to focus better on multichannel sales, while simultaneously boosting weekly order volume by over

eBay to add auto returns rules for new sellers

eBay have updated their user agreement with one significant change which will impact new sellers. They have added a two sentences which read: "For all new sellers, eBay may set a default rule that automates the return process for some or all listings where returns

Automate your business with One Stop Order Processing

The eBay glitch last week highlighted the fact that there are still an awful lot of sellers who rely on logging directly onto the site to print out sales and mark their orders despatched. The glitch didn't appear to affect a single seller who used