By Lauren Fruncillo June 17, 2021 - 6:46 pm

Hermes trialling self-driving vans in Oxford

Hermes have announced that they are trialling self-driving vans in Oxford. The courier company is the first customer to take part in an early stage trial with Ford, Europe’s market leader in commercial vehicles, to make city deliveries more efficient and sustainable in the future. Ford’s

Tamebay 2020 Back to Work Tips – Automation

In the latest instalment of our 2020 Back to Work Tips series, Jan Strassen of One Stop Order Processing discusses not just what you automation you should enable in your business but also how to monitor and improve your workflow systems Automation Why spend hours doing jobs

UPS follow Amazon steps with investment in autonomous trucking company

UPS are following Amazon logistics footsteps with a "minority" investment in an autonomous trucking company, TuSimple as they currently trialling self-driving tractor-trailers on a route in Arizona ahead of the potential wider roll out. Amazon's fulfilment counterpart, UPS are one of not many who can boast

Retail’s future lies in Robotic Process Automation

It’s no secret that the retail sector is going through a monumental transformation, whether bricks and mortar or online. Consequently, it has never been more important to take stock of business processes, assess where efficiencies can be made, and determine how technology can be maximised

Implementation of digital twins to improve logistics operations

Implementation of digital twins is set to improve logistics operations by "revealing insights from the past, optimising the present, and predicting the future," says DHL Trend Report. What is a digital twin? A digital twin is a unique, virtual representation of a physical thing that monitors and

How cross-border automation will take shape by 2024

Automation is set to enhance warehouse operations without eliminating human labour by 2024, says new study by 2024 Warehousing Vision Study by Zebra Technologies Corporation. It is set to be a key focus for marketplace sellers owning a warehouse in the next five years. Sellers

Amazon Textract is now available to automate data management

Amazon US today announced the general availability of Amazon Textract, a machine learning service which automatically extracts text and data which would typically need a manual review. The tool allows users to document workflows, enabling them to process millions of document pages in hours. User

Alibaba has the largest AGV ‘Robot’ Army in China

We've written in the past about robots in warehouses, so it should be no surprise to learn that Alibaba also make use of them. They're not really robots in the true sense of the word, but better described as automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) and are

Amazon now uses 45k robots to automate operations

The future is automated and Amazon is leading the way. Robots are at the core of ecommerce innovation. At the end of 2014, Amazon had 14k robots and now it has more than three times that. So what's the story at Robot Amazon? 45k robots

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