By Chris Dawson June 13, 2021 - 2:01 pm

US Ending Platform Monopolies Act Amazon killing draft bill

THe US Congress have published 5 discussion bills which could serious impact Amazon's ability to sell products on their own platform. One bill in particular, The Ending Platform Monopolies Act aims to stop a marketplace from selling products on their own marketplace. Other bills address

Apple acquires phone payment tech startup Mobeewave

According to reports, Apple have recently acquired Mobeewave in a deal that could see iPhones transformed into mobile payment terminals. Mobeewave's technology allows consumers to process payments by tapping their cards or phones onto another phone just as you would on various contactless payment terminals.

Amazon surpasses Apple and Google to become most valuable brand

Amazon have surpassed Apple and Google to take the title of the most valuable brand, says the latest Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands research by BrandZ. With a 52% year-on-year increase, Amazon achieved a business value of $315.5 billion (£247.33). The brands that appear in

‘We’re the world’s largest seller on Amazon and eBay:’ musicMagpie CEO

'We're the world's largest seller on Amazon and eBay,' is how musicMagpie's CEO summarises the success of the business. Speaking at the TDCGlobal (The Delivery Conference), Steve Oliver the co-founder and group chief executive officer of musicMagpie says that many people often question the company's status

Apple and Beats products now banned on Amazon (except from authorised retailers)

Amazon have now banned merchants from selling Apple and Beats products on their marketplace. From the 4th of January 2019, Apple and Beats products can only be offered by a small group of select Apple Authorised Resellers as part of Amazon’s new agreement with Apple. Sellers

Amazon and Apple Music see consumers play their playlists via Alexa

Amazon and Apple Music have partnered to allow customers to play their personalised playlists via the marketplace's voice assisted devices. The new feature will see US customers exclusively enjoying an ad-free experience to make the most out of the Christmas season. The marketplace have upgraded Amazon's Alexa music

Amazon to ban sales of Apple products from non authorised resellers

Amazon are going to ban merchants from selling Apple products on their marketplace. From the 4th of January next year Apple and Beats products will be only be offered by a small group of select Apple Authorised Resellers as part of Amazon's new agreement with

Apple ordered to pay compensation for IMEI altered iPhone in India

Apple have just been held liable for an iPhone with the wrong IMEI number and told to pay the purchaser compenstaion, according to The Tribune in India. The iPhone apparently had an Apple IMEI number that was assigned to an iPad Mini so at some

Apple pips Amazon to become the world’s first trillion dollar company

It's been a point of speculation for some time: which will be the world's first trillion dollar company? Will it be Apple or Amazon. And now we know: Apple made history and briefly topped the trillion dollar mark on Thursday after delivering strong quarterly results.

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