By Chris Dawson July 27, 2020 - 11:46 am

eBay payments API current and future enhancements

With more sellers due to migrate to eBay payments today, it's worth noting some of the developments coming (or already live) in the eBay payments API. The eBay payments API is available to anyone and everyone that wishes to connect their own software to eBay,

eBay’s new APIs are helping developers create modern commerce

eBay are celebrating their new APIs for Managed Payments, Seller Initiated Offers, Charity and more for developers to help their businesses thrive. As part of the 20th-year celebration of their developer ecosystem eBay are showing that even though challenging times they are committed to delivering the

eBay Finding API to be upgraded from HTTP to HTTPS

eBay is making a critical update to the eBay Finding API which you'll need to be aware of if you have created an application or use their Partner Program. The eBay Finding API enables your application to search for items using eBay's Finding Platform and

New eBay API calls including send offers to buyers

eBay have added new capabilities to the public eBay API portfolio so third-party developers in the eBay Developers Program can create powerful experiences and manage their eBay business at scale. If you use any third party tools, almost without exception (bar a few that scrape

Shopware 6 built with API First Approach for channel connectivity

Shopware have introduced the next generation of their software. Shopware 6 is built on an entirely new technical platform with an the API First approach and has been developed from scratch allowing the implementation of any conceivable form of ecommerce project. Focussing on maximum freedom through

eBay Multi-Buy API tool set released today

Good news for eBay sellers, the eBay Multi-Buy API tool set has been released to developers and eBay Multi-buy has been enabled for variation listings. eBay Multi-Buy API tool set This means, that from today, third party tools can start to integrate eBay Multi-Buy API features into

eBay release new developer guide for product-based shopping experience

eBay have announced today that a new developer guide (Product-Based Shopping Experience Play Book) for product based shopping experience has been released. The new product-based shopping experience was announced in the Spring Business Seller Update. What is eBay's product based shopping experience? When eBay display groups of

eBay reveals two new Buy and Sell APIs at the Developer Conference

If you want to connect with eBay via an API (application programming interface), then you have two more options as of this week. This graphic from the Developer Conference event will give you a sense of the two new API options: Gail Frederick, Senior Director

Amazon repricing slow to process

Amazon appear to be having a few problems with their MWS Subscriptions API and even their own repricing solution. Users are reporting that price notification either aren't coming through or aren't being processed. Changes made by Amazon MWS Subscriptions API are taking sometimes hours to

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