By Chris Dawson October 21, 2021 - 10:15 am

Amazon Search Analytics Dashboard coming in 2022

Amazon have announced a Search Analytics Dashboard will be coming in the US in 2022. This is a new tool that will help sellers registered in Brand Registry derive insights from the search performance of their products. “The Search Analytics Dashboard will provide sellers with

Understanding how mobile your users are: what you need to measure

To create an effective mobile strategy you need to obviously do the basics as we have outlined already here How to design for mobile 5 reasons to consider a mobile first e-commerce website Why your website needs to be fast for mobile users How to mobilise your existing content Revamp

Understanding how mobile your users are: top mobile analytics tools

Understanding how mobile your customers and prospective customers are – and what they are doing on mobile when they do use it – is crucial to developing your business strategy. But how do you do that? Well, just as you can do it online, so you can do it

eBay are launching the Seller Hub Growth section this week

eBay are adding the new Growth section to the Seller Hub this week, which when live will allow you to get detailed insights on where and how you can grow your business on eBay. The new Growth section will offer the new listing improvement and sourcing

Alibaba acquires Irish start-up Showtime

Alibaba's movie division, Alibaba Pictures, has invested in Irish movie analytics Showtime. The firm offers data analytics to the film industry disturbers and cinema owners. The idea is that with information about performance, cinemas can make operational improvements. And cinema is big business in

Terapeak special offer: 7 day trial for free with Tamebay

Terapeak are offering Tamebay readers a free 7 day trial: find out more here. If you aren't familiar with Terapeak and sell on eBay or Amazon then it's time that you made their acquaintance. It's all about the numbers. Terapeak can give you insights in all

Magento launches holiday analytics dashboard

Cloud based ecommerce platform supplier Magento has launched a new dashboard for the Christmas/holiday with the aim of giving sellers more insights into what's working in the critical seasonal selling period. Head of Magento Analytics Bob Moore says: "The holiday season represents a tremendous customer acquisition

Linnworks launches eBay competition analysis & pricing app

Linnworks has launched an app aimed at eBay sellers with the specific purpose of helping you understand what your competition is up to and and how best to take them on. You can read about the new app on the Linnworks blog here. Here's what they

Volo’s all new Reporting & Analytics module

Volo today announced enhancements to its Reporting & Analytics module – Volo Vision – including full cost calculations for profit and loss analysis. The upgraded module will help improve profitability and decision-making by delivering accurate visibility of margin, while enhancing productivity and reducing risk by

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