Amazon Sponsored Products

By Chris Dawson August 20, 2021 - 10:50 am

How to optimise Amazon sponsored ads campaigns

Amazon run free weekly webinars to give you the tools and insights to help grow your business on Amazon. An Amazon advertising specialist will be available throughout each of this week's upcoming sessions which will teach you how to optimise Amazon sponsored ads campaigns and

Amazon Sponsored Ads Strategy webinar series

This week you have an opportunity to hone your Amazon Sponsored Ads strategy starting from the basics and building through to more complex strategies including Sponsored Brand video ads. Some of the sessions are suitable for those that have never advertised on Amazon before whilst

Tamebay Live 1:30pm today: Amazon Advertising Best Practices

At 1.30pm this Tuesday, join Sreenath K. Reddy to discuss Amazon Advertising: Best Practices, Do’s and Don’ts with Sponsored Ads If you've not yet registered for the Tamebay Live week of masterclasses and workshops then register HERE to get free access as you don't want to

The Caravan is back at the top of supply chain

Back in 2006, the humble caravan was the most searched for term on eBay. This was when the long defunct eBay Pulse listed the post popular searches but it was replaced when tech became popular and iPhone and Android accessories took over along with computer

Amazon Advertising four-week course on optimising and expanding campaigns

There is an Amazon Advertising four-week course starting on the 16th of February for merchants who want to learn about optimising and expanding campaigns on Amazon and it's delivered by the experts from the Amazon Advertising team. This Amazon Advertising four-week course is designed for advertisers

Self-service Amazon Advertising solutions webinar

Amazon continually introduce new features to the self-service Amazon Advertising solutions to make them simpler and more effective. In a webinar this Friday, the 23rd of October they will take a look at the features launched over the last three months with live demonstrations. This is

US stimulus deposits result in Amazon Advertising sales spike

As brands and retailers scramble to respond to the rapidly changing business environment, Tinuiti's Amazon Ads Benchmark Report for Q1 2020, due to be released this Tuesday, examines key trends in Amazon Advertising, explores the impact of COVID-19, and offers data-driven insights for brands, Amazon

Amazon Ads Benchmark Report for Q4 2019

Ahead of Amazon's Earnings call this week, Tinuiti has released The Amazon Ads Benchmark Report for Q4 2019. Using anonymized same-client samples derived from more than $400 million in Amazon ad spend under management, the report examines key trends in Amazon Advertising and explores where

Spend on Amazon Advertising up with increased ROI in Q3 2019

Ahead of Amazon's Q3 2019 earnings release due on the 24th of October Merkle’s latest Q3 2019 Digital Marketing Report (DMR) has been released with interesting insights into spend on Amazon Advertising. Amazon Sponsored Products spending growth was up 35% in Q3 2019, up from 12%

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