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By Chris Dawson July 30, 2019 - 10:23 am

Amazon Prime Day Delivered

There is much written about Prime Day Sales and not so much about how Prime Day delivered and the purchases got to the buyers. Today, Matthew Robertson, co-CEO, NetDespatch, takes a look back at how well Prime Day delivered in 2019 and also how the

How did Prime Day 2019 perform in Anglosphere markets?

Prime Day 2019 saw sellers exceed £1.61 billion in sales worldwide, marking it the biggest Amazon shopping event ever for third-party sellers. However, how did the 48-hour shopping bonanza perform in the Anglosphere markets? A new analysis by research group Hitwise took a close look at

‘Prime cancel’ searches spike signals challenge for Amazon

Prime Day 2019 saw a significant rise of the consumer search for 'Prime cancel' highlighting the challenge for Amazon to retain loyal members against a new shopper trend of 'sign-up and leave.' According to the Prime Day 2019 analysis by Hitwise, Prime Day 2019 was

Amazon Prime Day mobile dominance puts a spotlight on halo effect lacklustre

Amazon Prime Day mobile dominance saw retailer's apps struggling to compete with the rate of the annual shopping event, says new report by AppsFlyer. The research analysed 100 retailers who own an app during Prime Day (15-16 July), revealing that Amazon dominated the annual shopping event,

Lessons learned from Prime Day: Capitalising on halo effect to bag sales

"Prime Day started in 2015 to celebrate Amazon’s 20th year anniversary. It was born out of the classic Amazon ‘test and learn’ style and nurtured to become a much-anticipated shopping holiday for consumers,” is how Michael Scharff describes the growth of the 4-year-old shopping event. Speaking

Amazon sellers exceed £1.61 billion in sales in the biggest Prime Day yet today announced that Prime Day 2019 saw sellers exceeding £1.61 billion in sales worldwide, making it the biggest Amazon shopping event ever for third-party sellers when comparing two-day periods. Amazon say Prime members purchased more than 175 million items during the event. Prime Day was

How can physical stores remain competitive in the world of ecommerce?

Due to the new, extended Prime Day retailers are increasingly looking for new and innovative ways to engage with customers. For physical stores that have failed to embrace ecommerce, finding ways to cut through the noise can be particularly difficult. Paul Davis, vice president of sales,

eBay Prime Day Party isn’t over – MORE deals with additional 20% off

As Amazon winds down its two-day parade of over a million deals worldwide, eBay UK is continuing the Prime Day Party with their 15 days of price crash discounts and are announcing more unbeatable offers today. To continue the eBay Prime Day Party celebrations, for

Is Prime Day overrated? Lessons for growing businesses

Marketing Director, SMB Online, Europe at Ingenico ePayments, Sangeetha Narasimhan, tells us that growing businesses have every opportunity to thrive cross-border just like their big competitors – and they don’t need to be on a marketplace to do so. Is Prime Day overrated? Lessons for growing

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