Amazon Lockers

By Dan Wilson March 6, 2017 - 11:22 pm

Amazon strikes deal for 4k Click & Collect sites in Spain and Portugal

One of the pre-requisites of successful and efficient ecommerce is a fully functioning and effective postal and delivery system and, in some parts of Europe, the postal service isn't quite as good as elsewhere. And Amazon is always keen to improve how shoppers receive their

Morrisons to install 100s of Amazon Lockers

Morrisons plans to install hundreds of Amazon Lockers at Morrisons supermarkets this year so that customers can pick up their orders without the need to wait in their home. The introduction of Amazon Lockers at Morrisons builds on the relationship between the two companies. In May,

Amazon partner with Jet for locker sites

Amazon shoppers will be able to pick their parcels up at their local petrol station from this week. Amazon have partnered with Jet to locate Amazon lockers at petrol stations across the country. Jet petrol stations are generally run by independant dealers and the tie up

Merseyrail installs Amazon lockers for commuters

Merseyrail and Amazon are teaming up to bring Amazon lockers to commuters at four stations. Passengers travelling through Liverpool Central, Liverpool South Parkway, Moorfields and Southport will be able to pick up purchases using their unique codes 24 hours a day. Merseyrail spokesman Kaj Mook said:

Amazon monetize lockers with adverts

Strolling back to the tube in London last night, I found these Amazon Lockers. If you click on the pic it will embiggen. They're in Hammersmith, just by the tube and also not far from Disney HQ. Much has been said about the current and future

GMB wants Co-op to ban Amazon lockers

GMB, the union for staff at Amazon, is to launch a campaign with Co-op members to get the group to remove Amazon lockers for 160 of its High Street stores The GMB said "Why a business would allow a competitor like Amazon floor space is hard

Amazon UK offers £1.99 1-day locker delivery

Over the past few months those Amazon lockers, where you can collect your purchases, are popping up everywhere. Obviously, the density of their locations depends on buyer demand and population. But I have been seeing more and more of them. No bad thing. They offer a

Amazon eye up London Tube ticket offices

The London Tube is heading for many changes over the next two years - the introduction of overnight services to cater to London's ever burgeoning nightlife and the retirement of Oyster cards in favour of contactless payments with debit or credit cards. There's one other change

Delivery to an Amazon Locker (Video)

Not being at home yesterday I decided to get my latest Amazon purchase delivered to an Amazon locker instead of a missed delivery. If you've not chosen to have a purchase from Amazon (or an FBA Seller) delivered to an Amazon locker here's how it