Amazon India

By Lauren Fruncillo June 29, 2020 - 8:16 pm

Amazon India eliminates single use plastic in packaging across its fulfilment centers

Amazon India have announced that they have achieved their goal of eliminating all single use plastic in packaging across their fulfillment centers by June 2020. Amazon India have worked hard to remove all single use plastic and reach their sustainability goals in their fulfilment network

Amazon’s Flex delivery program expands to 35 cities in India

In just over a year Amazon have launched their Flex delivery program in a total of 35 cities throughout India. The expansion of the program should help Amazon continue to successfully grow and improve it's delivery capabilities in the country. Amazon Flex is a program

Amazon will stop shipping non-essential items in India

Amazon India have announced that from today they will temporarily discontinue accepting orders for “lower-priority” products to prioritise urgent items such as household staples, health care, and personal safety products. It seems that Amazon are quickly limiting the services they offer around the globe and

Amazon set to enter food delivery market in India

Amazon swoops into India's food delivery market soon after Uber leaves it. According to TechCrunch the service that could be launched in as soon as a month will be offered as part of Amazon’s Prime Now or Amazon Fresh platform. The company had previously planned to

Amazon India will deploy 10,000 EVs by 2025

Amazon India announced last week that it will have a fleet of 10,000 electric vehicles by 2025 as part of the company’s commitment to the Climate Pledge. This commitment comes after successful pilots across different cities in 2019; learnings from which have helped the company

Amazon India accelerate sustainable packaging strategy

Amazon India are accelerating their commitment to eliminate single-use plastic from their packaging by June 2020, marking a significant step towards the introduction of paper cushions to replace plastic dunnage such as air pillows and bubble wraps in their fulfilment centres. Amazon are taking sustainable steps

Amazon Transparency expansion to prevent counterfeits in Europe, India and Canada

Amazon today announced the expansion of Amazon Transparency, a product serialisation service that prevents counterfeits, to France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, India, and Canada. Brands can enrol in Amazon Transparency on this page. The move is built on the existing work of Amazon Transparency in the

Would you like Indian style Amazon regulation?

India new online marketplaces regulation aims to support its growing ecommerce industry and restricts the way online marketplace such as Amazon operate in the country. India's Amazon Regulation restricts Amazon from selling their own brands on their marketplace. The new online marketplaces regulation published in Draft

Amazon India removes products over new marketplace regulation

Amazon India removed numerous products as new ecommerce regulations went into effect today which look set to impede the business's efforts to grow in the country. The marketplace began removing items on their Indian site this Thursday as they began to comply with the new foreign

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