Amazon Go

By Sasha Fedorenko February 18, 2019 - 10:30 am

Amazon Go to launch cashier-less store in London

Amazon Go stores are allegedly set to launch their cashier-less convenience shop concept in London. The move would mark the company's first expansion of the partially-automated concept outside of their US base. The news follows reports in October 2018 that marketplace had reportedly looked at picking

Amazon Go opens a third store in Seattle

Amazon Go is the Seattle based ecommerce giant's new horizon in retail. It's a shop where you just pick up the goods and go. There are few staff and no checkout. The shop itself just knows what you've taken by the use of motion sensors,

Microsoft takes on Amazon Go with check-out free tech for retailers, Walmart looks interested

Microsoft is openly challenging Amazon in the in-store technology stakes, looking to roll out a raft of technologies to rival Amazon Go’s cashier-less checkout technology. According to reports from Reuters, Microsoft is working on systems that track what shoppers add to their carts – and it

Amazon Go stores to open in Chicago and San Francisco

We reported that Amazon were likely to expand their Amazon Go stores to six new locations this year and now it appears that the first two to open will be based in Chicago and San Francisco. Job postings on Amazon Jobs for Amazon store managers Chicago

Co-op initial roll out of Pay In Aisle Technology

With Amazon investing in Amazon Go checkoutless stores and Panasonic testing RFID walk through checkout you might think it takes a global company with massive technology resources to revolutionise in-store payments. That may not be true however as the Co-op, the UK's sixth largest supermarket

6 more cashierless Amazon Go stores are coming in the USA during 2018

Amazon is looking to expand its network of cashierless bricks and mortar stores over the course of the year. The first Amazon Go store opened in Seattle earlier this year. And it is reported that as many as 6 more stores are in the offing.

Amazon Go checkout-free shopping opens today in Seattle

Amazon's first Amazon Go checkoutless grocery store is set to open to the public in Seattle later today. Billed as ''Just Walk Out Shopping. No lines, no checkout—just grab and go!, this Monday will be the first day that members of the public can shop

The Amazon Go supermarket is nearly ready to open

It's been nearly a year since Amazon Go was revealed. It's a cashierless shop without checkouts where customers just check in as they enter. They fill a bag or basket with what they want to buy and leave. There's no need to queue up and

Amazon Go could be coming to the UK soon

Amazon Go is Amazon's checkoutless supermarket offering and it looks like it's coming to the UK if reports are to be believed. Previously we've reported that they have been scouting locations and now it looks like they are edging closer. Apparently the the UK Intellectual Property Office approved