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By Chris Dawson February 15, 2021 - 7:14 pm

Non-VAT Amazon Business receipt requirement

Amazon Business require merchants to send an invoice to business buyers through their Amazon account, you should not send invoices directly to business buyers, but will need to either produce them through Amazon or manually upload them to Amazon. This includes an Amazon Business receipt

Amazon Business invoicing policy changes

Amazon Business are making some changes to how merchants send invoice to business buyers with a change to the Amazon Business invoicing policy. The change will mean that you can no longer send invoices directly to business buyers, but will need to either produce them

Amazon VAT Calculation Service increases chance of winning the buy box

If you are enrolled in the Amazon Business program, so that your products on Amazon are offered to businesses, you can increase your chances of winning the Buy Box for business customers by activating the free Amazon VAT Calculation Service. After activation, VAT-exclusive prices will be

Amazon Business Prime launched in the UK

Ahead of Prime Day, Amazon Business have announced the launch of Amazon Business Prime, a new service providing additional benefits for businesses of all sizes in the UK, making buying online for work even easier and more convenient. Amazon Business Prime starts from £80 plus VAT

£400 million YPO Amazon Business public sector deal

It is well known that public sector customers have a requirement for procuring adhoc spend that is below the EU regulations threshold but which still needs to be managed and controlled. This tail spend, has been historically difficult to manage with a large number of

Amazon Day for Business launched in the US

Less than a month after launching Amazon day for consumers in the US, Amazon have now launched Amazon Day for Business to offer commercial buyers to have the same convenience of all their Amazon orders arriving on the same set day of the week. Business Prime

Amazon Business is bigger than Etsy by 2.5x

Amazon Business is generating $10 billion in annualized sales. To put this into perspective, the relatively new Amazon Business is bigger than Etsy by more than two and a half times. Amazon Business is the B2B form of selling on Amazon - the same products

Amazon aggressively promote Amazon Business with pop up

Amazon are aggressively promoting Amazon Business on their home page with an interstitial pop up. This isn't Amazon's normal style and the fact that it's such an intrusive form of advertising demonstrates the importance they are placing on attracting business buyers and why you should

Amazon Business supplies FTSE 100 and Universities

Showing phenomenal growth since it's 2017 launch in the UK, Amazon Business supplies over half of all FTSE 100 companies and 16 of the 20 largest UK Universities which has helped it to grow to a $10 billion business worldwide. What should be of more interest

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