By Chris Dawson October 22, 2020 - 11:44 am

Amazon Shopper Panel – Snitch on competitors for $10 a month

Amazon have launched the Amazon Shopper Panel app to gather market intelligence on competitor retailers. They say that participation (by which they mean gathering reams of data on what you buy from other retailers) will help brands offer better products and make ads more relevant

Self-service Amazon Advertising solutions webinar

Amazon continually introduce new features to the self-service Amazon Advertising solutions to make them simpler and more effective. In a webinar this Friday, the 23rd of October they will take a look at the features launched over the last three months with live demonstrations. This is

Amazon FBA shipments for products over 15kg resume

In March as the pandemic started to bite, Amazon couldn't cope with the deluge of orders and decided to limit FBA shipments as well as a raft of other measures such as extending expected delivery dates to consumers for stock already in FBA. Most of

Prime Day UK Results: Up 75% for SME businesses selling on Amazon

After holding Prime Day in India in August, Amazon rolled out the two-day event across 19 additional countries last week and say that they delivered big sales for small businesses and big savings for Prime members on Prime Day UK as well as the U.S.,

Unfulfilled By Amazon – helping retailers respond to Amazon border policy changes

Amazon border policy changes come into effect on the 1st of January 2021 and the impact will start to be felt in just a couple of weeks' time in mid November. In this guest post today, Martin Bysh, CEO of Huboo, takes a prosaic view

Amazon introduce augmented reality Halloween boxes

Amazon are helping their customers keep the Halloween spirits high with special augmented reality Halloween boxes which are free, and supports social distancing. The Halloween boxes began shipping on the 9th of October and will continue to do so throughout the month. We at Tamebay received

Amazon Prime Day success in the UK for small businesses

Amazon Prime Day 2020 in the UK is over and, whilst we're still waiting for global numbers, we can reveal today some of the Prime Day success for small businesses selling on their marketplace. Amazon held its biggest small business promotion ever in the lead-up

2% digital services tax gives Amazon competitive advantage over SMEs

"Bloody fuming", "Scandalous", and "So badly designed it's ended up giving Amazon a competitive advantage" are some of the terms Amazon merchants have said today, referring to the news that whilst these small businesses will be paying the 2% digital services tax on their Amazon

Amazon Prime Day day one review

Outside of electronics and devices, some of the best-selling categories on Prime Day day one included toys, games and puzzles, skin care and make-up as well as wine and spirits. Family games like Jenga, Monopoly and Guess Who were among the top selling products in

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