By Chris Dawson June 19, 2020 - 11:00 am

How to get 0% final values fees on

Yes, if you are a US seller on in the US then it is now possible to get 0% final values fees on It's a wrinkle where they are now allowing you to drive affiliate traffic to your own eBay listings and if

Alternative Marketplace Affiliate Rates for Amazon affiliates

With the news that Amazon affiliate rates have been slashed by as much as 80% with most categories dropping from a 10% commission rate to just 3%, where can businesses that relied on affiliate revenue turn to in the marketplace world? The good news at the

Amazon Affiliates rates slashed by up to 80%

Amazon Affiliates rates are to be slashed for the businesses that drive traffic to the marketplace. Many commission rates in Amazon's affiliate program, known as Amazon Associates are to be slashed from as much as 10% to 3% and in the case of Groceries from

Make money as an Amazon Influencer

Most people are familiar with Amazon as a retailer and Amazon as a marketplace. Some will also be familiar with the Amazon Affiliate program where, if you have a website, you can make money by driving traffic to Amazon. There is another program, designed for

eBay affiliate program to redirect to new web pages

Updated: NB, This article has been updated to reflect that links are being directed to new style fresher page designs and not to product-based shopping pages. eBay say that they see greater conversions from the new style product pages than they do from single item pages.

Your affiliate marketing questions answered

We asked Mark Russell, managing director at Optimus Performance Marketing, to answer a few of the key questions relating to affiliate marketing: is it any good, what are the pitfalls and just how easy is it to implement? In what ways is affiliate marketing competitive with other

Amazon EU amends terms of Associates affiliate programme

The Amazon Associates programme is a scheme that allows people with websites and social media accounts to get a little kickback if they promote an item that is subsequently purchased. Such affiliate schemes are commonplace on the web but Amazon's is one of the more

Amazon trials mobile affiliate product

Amazon is currently testing a new advertising service for publishers that aims to deliver more traffic and purchases from mobile users. Apparently called 'mobile popover' it will take on similar systems already available such as Skimlinks and VigLink. 'Mobile popover' detects text links on mobile browsers

Making money by sending eBay traffic – ePN Success

eBay, like many companies, run affiliate schemes by which they pay websites for sending them traffic. It's cheap compared to many other methods such as paid search, because they generally only pay for traffic that converts to sales (although in eBay's case they have other

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