By Chris Dawson August 26, 2017 - 3:32 pm

eBay #FillYourCartWithColour advert debuts in the UK

eBay have launched the UK leg of their global brand campaign - #FillYourCartWithColour – aimed at celebrating the vibrancy and individuality of eBay’s marketplace of shoppers and sellers and encouraging people to break away from “beige” conformity and live more colourfully. The first 40 second TV

ASA to crack down on gender stereotypes in ads

The ASA has released a new report titled Depictions, Perceptions and Harm, following a major review into gender stereotyping in advertising. Whilst it is largely aimed at TV and poster advertising it's worth remembering that your website and product pages as well as marketplace listings

Snapchat Launches Snap Publisher for drag’n’drop Ad creation

Snap Inc. have launched Snap Publisher worldwide, a Snap-built tool that lets advertisers create Snapchat's industry leading Snap Ads in minutes, right from within Snapchat Ad Manager. It was back in in 2015 that Snapchat first announced Snap Ads; a new, full-screen, vertical video ad format #FillYourCartWithColor theme continues with a summer block party

Continuing on their theme of being a colourful place to shop, New York become a little more vibrant as eBay held a summer block party last week. They invited sellers from around the world bring summer to life in celebration of the new brand platform. Whilst #FillYourCartWithColor campaign

Amazon is boring. It's a box shifter that's there when you need something but a really dull shopping experience... At least that's the message eBay give in a new US advert which paints their competitors experience as "beige" and promotes eBay as a vibrant site

OnBuy marketplace start mainstream TV advertising

OnBuy have migrated to a brand-new hybrid cloud solution with UKFast. They are now working on optimising this, making performance changes and working to ensure that they deliver the best possible solution. We had a couple of emails last week due to OnBuy down time

7 Top tips to start selling on Snapchat

It's not immediately obvious how a business can engage with customers on Snapchat, so we've put together 7 top tips to get you started: Create a Snapcode A Snapcode works similarly to a QR code. You can share it on your website, emails and social media offering

Investors value Snapchat’s millennial following

Snapchat went public on Thursday this week listing on the New York Stock Exchange, we're going to take a quick look at the numbers, but if you're not interested scroll down to find the 7 Top tips to start selling on Snapchat that we promised

Snapchat is not moving to the UK (but their adverts are!)

According to much of the mainstream media, Snapchat announced this week that they're moving their international headquarters to London. Naturally the press hailed this as a major post Brexit vote of confidence hailing the attractiveness of the UK as a major tech centre for the

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