By Lauren Fruncillo July 19, 2021 - 11:20 am

eBay to sell part of its Adevinta Stake to Permira

eBay have reached an agreement with Permira to sell approximately 125 million shares of its Adevinta stake for an estimated total consideration of $2.25 billion. This news comes after eBay completed the transfer of its Classifieds business to Adevinta in exchange for $2.5 billion in

eBay completes transfer of eBay Classifieds to Adevinta

eBay have announced that it has completed the transfer of its eBay Classifieds business to Adevinta in exchange for $2.5 billion in cash and a 44% equity stake in Adevinta, equivalent to approximately 540 million shares. This news comes just weeks after the UK’s Competition

eBay Classifieds business to sell Gumtree and motors

eBay have been trying to complete a $9.2B deal to sell the eBay Classifieds business to Adevinta, but the UK's UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) got involved and didn't like the potential reduction in competition for the UK market. They pointed out that with

eBay responds to CMA eBay Classified Group sale concerns

The CMA have recently announced their eBay Classified Group sale concerns. According to The CMA the transaction between eBay and Adevinta could pose a risk to competition in the UK due to higher prices and less choice for consumers. eBay have responded with a statement that

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