By Chris Dawson January 25, 2021 - 2:00 pm

In conversation with Murray Lambell, General Manager eBay UK

In our first ‘In Conversation With…’ series interview of 2021, I sat down with Murray Lambell, who became General Manager for eBay UK last September in the middle of a global pandemic and the final throes of Brexit. We wanted to find out more about the

Aberdeenshire Council announces additional small business grants

Aberdeenshire Council are urging small businesses requiring financial assistance to combat the impact of Covid-19 to apply for a new Discretionary Fund, provided by the Scottish local authorities. Aberdeenshire Council has so far paid out 600 grants totaling 1.2 million. The Discretionary Fund which allows councils

Meet the company: Olsam (a UK based Amazon FBA Acquirer)

The past year has been a turbulent time for many marketplace businesses - some have been busier than ever whilst others have seen their sales plummet during the never ending stream of pandemic lock downs. Now at the start of 2021, it's time to review

When an EU Free Trade Agreement doesn’t mean Free Trade

When the Government announced an EU Free Trade Agreement had been struck with the EU on Christmas Eve and signed into law on the 31st of December 2020, many breathed a sigh of relief and saw in the New Year. But when they got back

Amazon Small Business Accelerator exporting advice bootcamp

Amazon Small Business Accelerator exporting advice boot camp takes place on the 26th and 27th of January. Titled Selling Globally with Amazon, the support package for UK small businesses and startups founded by Amazon and Enterprise Nation is providing free education to small businesses on

Government urges UK businesses to move to EU and avoid Brexit costs / Join this Wednesday’s webinar with delivery experts GFS to discover how

No doubt you’ll be reeling from the latest ‘helpful’ advice from the Government urging UK businesses to move to the EU as a way of reducing Brexit costs and complexities. It’s about as useful as the ‘FREE’ trade deal that we thought we had. Regardless,

Creative Fabrica raises $7 million for online marketplace expansion

According to reports, Creative Fabrica an online marketplace for digital assets have recently raised $7 million to help with continued expansion. Creative Fabrica has been based in the heart of Amsterdam since June 2016. Having a design background, the founders realized how difficult it was to

Tmall Global boosts support for new sellers entering China

Alibaba's online marketplace Tmall Global has announced a new suite of solutions to help new sellers entering China. The solutions were announced at the 2021 Tmall Global New Seller Virtual Summit, the first-ever virtual summit hosted by the platform with regional and category-specific content sessions. “Brands,

UK eBay Seller VAT added at checkout?

A number of sellers are reporting that eBay seller VAT is being added at checkout. The background to this is that as of the 1st of January eBay, and all other marketplaces, are obliged by law to collect VAT on sales under £135 from overseas sellers.