By Chris Dawson January 23, 2020 - 1:34 pm

Britains £7.9m December Drunk Shopping Spree

I remember a particularly drunken night when it seemed like a great idea to do some online drunk shopping buy an American fridge freezer and a dishwasher in the early hours, just to wake up the next morning and undertake some hasty hung over measuring

Amazon goes Double Dutch

eCommeleon are the first ecommerce partner to announce support for Amazon's new Dutch marketplace in the Netherlands and they've identified some challenges for online retailers looking to adopt the platform. It's not all plain sailing as co-founder Eduard Gerritsen explains - some things have been

Disney are cracking down on Baby Yoda copyright infringements

Since the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Baby Yoda has been a massive hit and Disney's efforts to keep him under wraps has caused a platoon of unofficial Baby Yoda's. Disney are now cracking down on offending businesses by issuing takedown notices

Canon wins lawsuit against eBay users selling counterfeits

Canon USA have recently won a lawsuit against two eBay users who were flogging counterfeit Cannon batteries on the marketplace. Canon raised the issue in October 2019 stating that the sellers were using its trademark and therefor misleading the public into buying dangerous counterfeits that

Automate to Accumulate – How to Scale your Business

If you're looking at additional product lines, marketplaces and regions to grow your business, you’re also looking at more manual processes, more effort and more costs that will eat into your margins. When it comes to scaling the growth of your business, automating your processes

Sustainability: Less talking & more doing say consumers

Consumers have spoken, it's no longer enough to just talk about sustainability. They want to see brands doing more to put sustainable practices into action. According to Tryzens’ Customer Insight Report, 84% of consumers expect businesses to have sustainable practices and 83% expect them to

ChannelAdvisor announces AutoCommerce 2020 speakers

ChannelAdvisor have announced the AutoCommerce 2020 speakers for the conference taking place this coming Wednesday, the 23rd of January, at at ChannelAdvisor's corporate headquarters in North Carolina. AutoCommerce 2020 is focused on the business needs of automotive brands, distributors, demand partners, and retailers and the agenda,

Shopify Capital offers starter loans to new merchants

Shopify Capital have started offering new merchants starter loans to get their business going. The company that operates an ecommerce platform is now enabling new business owners to take out an initial loan of $200 to build their brand, inventory and whatever else to get

Meet the marketplace: Cdiscount Marketplace

It's a new year and a new decade, an ideal time to consider expanding to new marketplace and territories so in our first marketplace interview of 2020, we spoke to Jonathan Gorges from the Cdiscount Marketplace to discover more about the opportunity on offer. Created