By Chris Dawson July 23, 2021 - 8:00 am

Harness the power of GS1 standards for retail success

For all businesses, both large and small, one of the first steps to trading, both online and offline, is to assign unique identification numbers to your products in the form of Global Trade Item Number (or GTIN for short), supported by global GS1 standards. GTINs allow

Learn how to begin your sustainability journey

Sustainability is not the high-cost niche it once was. It has become a popular feature that the average consumer seeks out. Ways to improve sustainability goes beyond recycled boxes and carbon offsets, though. In this ebook, ShipStation and their partners discuss: How sustainable packaging can

Channable Busting 5 myths of feed management

In this ebook, written by Tamebay in association with Channable, we take a fresh look at feed management and some of the pre-conceptions, identified here as five myths, that surround it. We explain how changing technology and the can-do attitude of the pandemic means that

The Marketplace Playbook from Avalara and PSFK

The Marketplace Playbook is a report on how technology and digital-first strategies are creating the next generation of marketplace shopping. Written by Avalara and PSFK, you can download a copy here. As well as key findings on ecommerce and digital-first consumers and what the shifting omnichannel

Latest consumer research from Linnworks – Convenience and the Effortless Economy

Is friction in your online customer journey costing you sales? 67% of shoppers have abandoned purchases over complicated online check-outs - according to the latest Linnworks consumer research. What do consumers want in a purchase journey, and how do you optimise every consumer interaction to

Growing a business with a purpose

It's so easy to get bogged down in the day to day running of a business that you lose sight of the big picture. That's what this eBook, 'Growing a business with a purpose' is designed to help with. It explores how to position your

Operating a Cross-border ecommerce business the easy way

Operating a cross-border ecommerce business can yield great rewards, but it comes with a host of challenges. Understanding what these challenges are, where they arise and, most importantly of all, how to meet them is increasingly crucial to modern ecommerce. This is perhaps never more

Scaling up your online business: How to build, grow and industrialise ecommerce

Today we look at Whitepaper on Scaling up your online business, the perfect guide to aid in the growth of your business in 2021. Many hundreds of thousands of independent business men and women now run an online business and, especially against a back drop

Growth 2000 UK Report 2020 from RetailX

The Growth 2000 UK Report 2020 produced by our media partner RetailX contains this year's list of the 2,000 UK multichannel and ecommerce retailers that follow the previously-published RetailX UK Top500. The report focuses on growth and the four drivers of growth: more traffic, the