By Paul Skeldon December 18, 2018 - 12:12 pm

Asos wobbles in run up to Christmas, but is a fashion surge waiting in the wings

Asos, the ultimate fashion marketplace, has sent shudders of fear through the City and the wider retail world, longing worse than expected profits – and leading to many analysts to breathlessly predict the death of retail. However, the reality is perhaps not quite so troubling. Looking at

Boxing Day boost coming for online fashion and fun retailers, study suggests

Research conducted by Yext, a digital knowledge management (DKM) company, into online consumer behaviour in the UK suggests a significant 'Boxing Day Boost' uplift in post-Christmas spending, with web visits to local clothing listings set to surge above the seasonal average on Boxing Day, based on

Packaging Tax for manufactures to pay for recycling schemes

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and Environment Agency (DEFRA) have set out plans to increase household recycling, which their latest report shows has flatlined in England. In typical government fashion they've decided that, rather than simply fix the problem, charging manufacturers a

3 out of 5 Consumers have a delivery problem at Christmas

Almost three in five shoppers (58%) who ordered online over the Christmas period experienced a delivery problem, with at least one delivery not going as planned. One in four people (24%) who shop online around the Christmas period find that at least one of their parcels

Amazon and Apple Music see consumers play their playlists via Alexa

Amazon and Apple Music have partnered to allow customers to play their personalised playlists via the marketplace's voice assisted devices. The new feature will see US customers exclusively enjoying an ad-free experience to make the most out of the Christmas season. The marketplace have upgraded Amazon's Alexa music

Should eBay buy Etsy?

There is speculation among financial analysts who watch the internet and ecommerce world that one possible development in 2019 should be eBay Inc. selling up some of its interests to make some acquisitions and possibly buy a company like Etsy. One, Aegis Capital analyst Victor Anthony,

How to save money on shipping costs

I recently purchased two nearly identical products on Amazon. One arrived in a large letter format and the other arrived in a small packet sized box. The cost for shipping would have been very different, although in this instance they were both supplied through Amazon

Fulham FC now powered by ChannelAdvisor Managed Marketplaces

Fulham FC is expanding its online footprint by placing a wider product selection on marketplaces. Although Fulham has a broad customer base, amazingly just 30% of its current merchandise sales take place online. Recognising an opportunity, particularly with international fans, Fulham has begun listing its full

Ecommerce Berlin Expo 2019

2019 will see the fourth edition of the premier ecommerce event in Germany, the Ecommerce Berlin Expo. If you're looking for ways of getting greater returns from your online activities, then the Expo is the place to be. The Ecommerce Berlin Expo offers visitors a rich