By Chris Dawson April 22, 2019 - 11:00 am

Veo Marketplace aims to be most Earth Friendly on planet

Today is Earth Day, an annual event celebrated on the 22nd of April with events held to demonstrate support for environmental protection, so what better day to announce a new marketplace Veo, which launches in June and promising to be the most Earth friendly marketplace

Tamebay Warehouse Visit to GFS 2nd May 2019

Following on from the Round Table hosted by GFS, several of the attendees expressed interest in seeing how a large scale professionally run warehouse operates. With that in mind we are organising a Tamebay warehouse visit to GFS in Berkshire on the 2nd of May.

Amazon and Google team up to bring video to each other’s platforms

Amazon and Google have teamed up to introduce video to each other's platforms. The duo have announced today the soon-to-be launch of YouTube app on Amazon Fire TV devices and Fire TV Edition smart TVs, as well as the Prime Video app for streaming to Chromecast

‘Any money that I make, I make for myself:’ Dog in a Box founder

"Any money that I make, I make for myself," is how eBay's 14-year-old entrepreneur, Tommy Howard, founder of Dog in a Box describes his life after joining the marketplace as a seller. Tommy Howard, an eBay children's toyseller is an exception as an underage merchant who

Will Amazon book giveaway affect merchants?

Amazon US have announced yesterday an Amazon book giveaway incentive in honour of World Book Day in the US to encourage reading books from around the globe. Then UK World Book Day was on the 5th of March, and the US is on the 23rd

A year in review: eBay Diversity and Inclusion 2018 report

"We believe that real progress in D&I (diversity and inclusion) will come only when everyone is a part of it," is the attitude eBay have when it comes to their sellers, says the eBay Diversity and Inclusion report for 2018. 'Don’t discuss politics, religion, race and

Amazon disposal of stock instead of returning to merchant

A Tamebay reader who sells on Amazon has an unusual problem with some stock that has gone astray. It appears the stock went down the Amazon disposal route instead of being returned to the merchant. We wanted to ask if anyone has had a similar

Proposed US jewellery import policy to require declaration of origin

The US State Department may enforce a US jewellery import policy which will require origin declaration of imported jewellery into the US. The possible regulation will ask a declaration of origin for every piece of finished jewellery or its components including precious metals, diamonds and all

Amazon China to shut down in July

Amazon China will shut down it's local retail operations and marketplace in China according to Bloomberg. Amazon have thrown in the towel in China and not only will local selling shut, but also their third party marketplace meaning that sellers will no longer be able