By Chris Dawson June 18, 2018 - 12:29 pm

eBay Community Sneaker Drop the place to source trainers are looking to capitalise on the craze for collectable sneakers (trainer if you're in the UK) and have put out a call for consumers and sellers alike to list their best and most sought after sneakers in what they're calling a 'Sneaker Drop'. It

PayPal will stop working on 30th June if you don’t upgrade to TLS

PayPal will stop working on 30th of June and merchants will be unable to accept payments if they've not updated their websites to the latest standards which includes an upgrade to TLS. The deadline for merchants to upgrade to Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 June 30,

Xoom increase Xoom International money transfer limit to $25k

PayPal owned Xoom have increased International money transfer limits to $25,000 per transaction to over 50 countries including India, Canada, United Kingdom and the Philippines. Previously the limit was $10,0000. For ecommerce merchants sourcing overseas, you may be pleased to know that Xoom also operates

New JD & Google strategic partnership with $550m investment

China's JD are to join Google Shopping as part of a new JD & Google strategic partnership which will see also see Google invest $550 million in JD. A curated selection of high-quality products from JD will be advertised in multiple regions through Google. As the second

Meet the company: ProSKU

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) can often appear hugely complex and expensive for a smaller business and that's why ProSKU developed their solution specifically to cater to your needs. It's not designed or priced for enterprise level customers but is tailored for ecommerce businesses who recognise

Instagram clickable shopping bag icons added to Stories

Instagram have started to expand shopping beyond Feed to Instagram Stories with Instagram clickable shopping bag icons. Instagram Stories is a feature that lets users post photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours in a Snapchat style feature. "Instagram isn’t just a place of inspiration,

Church Pages Initiative – Mobile optimised websites for the modern Church

According to research from Compassion, around 6.02 million UK adults in the UK attend church on a regular basis. That's about a 10th of the entire UK population so you'd expect Churches to run active websites and many do. Walk into many Churches around the country

ArrowXL donates mattresses to London Homeless Shelter

ArrowXL, a two-person delivery company, has donated 12 brand new mattresses to the Highway House homeless shelter in Tottenham, London. A team of five employees from the company’s Enfield hub took time out of their busy schedules to deliver the mattresses to Highway House, with

How Amazon works – they rely on Artificial Intelligence

Bloomberg have published an interesting piece on how Amazon works and the key takeaway is that they're less and less reliant on humans for Amazon retail. Gradually tasks such as forecasting have been automated and humans have become reluctant to overrule the machines (even if a