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eCommerce CRM, streamline customer support, and cut cost.


UrbanSeller is a web based eCommerce CRM that integrates with eBay and Amazon.  It is designed to help merchants reduce their customer support cost, and respond to their customers quickly and accurately.

Below is a highlight of some of the features.

Don’t give your channels passwords to anyone

By using UrbanSeller, all customer support functions can be performed from one centralised web based application. Action of individual support agents can be authorised and audited. Support agents will not need direct access to your underlying sales channels or email account, therefore it is no longer required to share your eBay or Amazon passwords. This flexibility helps you move your business to the next step, and outsource/offshore your customer support to cheaper locations without having to worries about misuse of the accounts.

Multi-Channel integration and data linking

UrbanSeller downloads your orders from all market places, creates or updates a centralised customer record keeping all customer history. It also downloads all your emails, and by analysing the email contents and applying configurable rules, it associates the emails with a client and order. This Makes replying to customer messages much quicker, as all the information such as customer history and order details, shipping tracking numbers and payments are accessible without having to switch between different applications.

Multi-agent support

As your business grow, one support agent may not be enough. UrbanSeller allow tickets to be assigned to different agents, and all actions are audited. For example, even though a customer receiving a reply to an eBay message will only see the seller eBay id, UrbanSeller will show you the identity of the agent who sent the message.

eBay feedback management

When a negative or neutral feedback is left by a user, it appears as a message in your inbox. UrbanSeller allows you to contact the customer, attempt to resolve the issue, and arrange for a feedback revision request. This helps streamline your support process, feedback are handled just like an ordinary incoming message.

eBay Return management

eBay managed returns are fully integrated, and the various actions, such as issuing a refund, or approving a return can be done from within UrbanSeller. The actions can be individually authorised on a per agent basis. It is also possible to set a maximum amount for which a given agent is allowed to approve return or issue refund. For example a return request for an item cost of £100 can only be approved by an experienced agent.

Initiate contact with customers using eBay or emails

In addition to replying to customer messages, agents can compose new messages, for example when notifying user that an order is out of stock.

Phone calls log

Some customers phone enquires can not be immediately handled. UrbanSeller allow you to log phone calls for later follow up, and link them to customer and order.

Internal notes, labels and reminders

All tickets can have internal notes and labels to simplify your support workflow. Reminders can be set on a ticket, which when due, the ticket will re-appear on top of your mailbox.

Agent collision detection

When a starts replying to a message, the ticket will appear locked to other agents, informing them who locked the ticket and when, as to prevent multiple agents responding to the same client.

Beyond customer support

The system can be used as a shared inbox to handle all your email communications such as backoffice work. For example all emails sent to can be labelled for the book keeper to handle once a week

Message rule engine

The system can be configured to apply rules to all incoming messages. For example, messages with certain subject can be deleted, others can be labelled or assigned to specific agent to handle.


Don’t let your amazon messages go unanswered by automatically sending a response after certain number of hours

Smart Templates

Reply to your message in seconds by using one of the predefined templates. Since messages are linked to order and customer information, special tag such as delivery address, tracking number, customer full name are accessible in the template. This allow you to have a more personalised replies, and to pre-define a set of templates suitable for most queries. Whilst template can be created in the application settings, it is also possible to create then on the fly from your reply screen.

Custom Macros

From your reply box, with couple of key strokes you can insert any predefined text, such as item return address or phone number.

Product FAQ

Create FAQ for products in your catalogue, that can be referenced by your support agent when answering questions. The FAQ entries can be added on the fly when answering messages, or from the product screen. The system also allow you to revise listing description to include the FAQ as to prevent repeat of sim questions

Automated Translation

A builtin language detection and translation for your incoming messages. When responding, you can write the answer in your native language, and have it automatically translated before it is sent out.


On the dashboard there are multiple reports that gives you a bird eye view of your business and support team. You can see the average time taken to respond to client, the average time an agent spend composing a response, the number of tickets open/pending per category and per user.