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Stokkly is a dedicated B2B marketplace


Stokkly was designed to help brands, manufacturers and distributors manage their excess and distressed inventory, whilst providing them with a tool which enables them to optimize the financial return.

stokkly is a dedicated B2B marketplace which offers sellers (i.e. whoever holds excess inventory) the possibility of organizing truly private sales in which only selected buyers can take part. stokkly therefore empowers sellers to group and manage existing clearance partners, but also source new buyers /partners from those already registered / vetted on the platform.

stokkly helps brands quickly and efficiently sell their overstock and distressed inventory whilst ensuring maximum profitability and maintaining brand image control. stokkly therefore aims to completely shift the paradigm by reinventing a once neglected aspect all businesses are confronted with.

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stokkly is the brainchild of three ecommerce and online marketplace experts who, together, cumulate more than 30 years of experience. Over the years, they were repeatedly met with with brands and manufacturers looking for solutions to better handle excess and distressed inventory. Time and time again they were confronted with the same questions:

  • How to quickly yet profitably sell overstock and distressed inventory?
  • How to best keep clearance partners informed of what goods are available for sale?
  • How to protect brand image and current product lines?

However simple and straightforward these questions may appear, it turned out no simple and straightforward answer or solution existed!

stokkly was designed to not only answer these questions, but go beyond and provide a realistic and practical solution to help brands and manufacturers manage their clearance process from A to Z.