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SixBit can help you manage all stages in your selling process


About Us

SixBit Software was introduced in Feb. 2009, but our roots go far deeper than that. You may know us as the team that created  “AuctionAssistant” (1997), “Seller’s Assistant” (2001) and “Blackthorne” (2005) for eBay. For years, we have been developing desktop auction management software for eCommerce sellers and we’re now happy to offer you our biggest and best eCommerce tool to date.

What We Do

SixBit can help you manage all stages in your selling process from entering inventory, to submitting listings and processing orders.

Item Creation

  • Enter items through a customizable user interface or a spreadsheet type grid.
  • Automatic picture processing with built in Picture Editor.
  • User created reusable templates.
  • Built in WYSIWYG editor with snippets
  • Custom fields that can be included in the listing, packing lists, emails, etc.
  • Organize items in category folders or by the workflow process.
  • Variations and Parts Compatibility supported.

Inventory Management

  • Batch change inventory quantities, suppliers, costs, etc.
  • Update site inventories from external sources via CSV, XML or our API.
  • Manage drop shipper inventory with the Drop Shipper Addon.
  • Allocate some or all of your inventory to each site.
  • Print inventory labels

Processing Orders

  • Print pick lists, and packing lists
  • Print USPS, UPS or FedEx postage
  • Discounted shipping insurance
  • Enter over the counter sales
  • Leave automatic feedback
  • Process cancellations and returns
  • Supports USPS SCAN forms
  • Manage consignments with addon module.


  • Profit and loss by item, order or buyer.
  • Sales tax report
  • Item, Supplier, Consignor, Listing, Order, Shipment, Sales and Buyer Analysis tools.


  • Supports multiple seller accounts
  • Manage feature access for each employee
  • Respond to buyer questions with predefined replies

Why We’re Different

SixBit is a desktop application built upon a Microsoft SQL Server database giving you flexibility and power that can’t be found in an online solution.

Data can easily be imported or exported with SixBit through CSV, XML or by using our API.  In addition, the open SQL Server database allows for custom integration with any other process in your system.

SixBit gives you more control over your data.

How Much?

SixBit is available as a subscription with plans starting at $19.99/month. We do not take a percentage of any sales.

Currently available on eBay US, UK, Canada and Australia, with Amazon and Etsy support coming in 2016!

How Do I Get It?

You can download SixBit directly from our website.  Your first 30 days with SixBit are FREE so there’s no reason not to give us a try.


Photo / Video Gallery

  • SixBit in 4 Minutes