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Flexible services for the demanding packets and parcels market.

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Helping You To Meet Your Customer Demands

We have developed an unrivalled range of flexible services for the demanding packets and parcels market, ideal for Online Traders and Ebay Sellers.

Through our partnerships and consultative approach, we identify the right service that adds value to your business.

We are valued by our online retailing customers, because we:

  • Put your customers’ delivery first
  • Identify efficiencies and cost savings for you
  • Provide visibility throughout the complete delivery chain
  • Help you maximise the benefits we provide to your e-commerce business
  • Collaborate with you on new market initiatives

Our e-commerce business can be customised to your precise needs – whatever type of delivery option you want, whenever you want it, we deliver.

  • Sorted and unsorted solutions
  • 48 hour and 72 hour deliveries
  • Mile stone tracked to Royal Mail
  • Bespoke management information and reporting
  • High degree of visibility around billing options and invoice reconciliation
  • High speed seamless tracking throughout our network
  • Unrivalled support through peak times

Our investment in automated parcel sortation allows us to optimise both UK domestic and international services.  It provides unrivalled flexibility, enabling us to offer you a range of sorted and unsorted, tracked and untracked services for e-commerce.

Integration Made Easy

Whether you choose to label or barcode your products, we can quickly integrate with your business, offering nine different options to choose from. Download our Integration Made Easy Leaflet:

All About Us

Secured Mail, part of The Delivery Group is one of the largest technology enabled e-commerce and retail postal operators in the UK, delivering over 500 million items every year for businesses, retailers and organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Our key solutions include e-commerce, direct marketing mail and international delivery. Using our high speed automation, cloud technology and transparent tracking data, we are able to save your business money and time as we collect, sort and deliver on your behalf.

We’re all about flexible, expert service and we pride ourselves on the longstanding partnerships we have with our customers. Our tailored approach ensures you receive the data that matters to your business, giving you the advantage.

Contact us to see how we can get your business moving 0330 05 35 900

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10% off your first order

Secured Mail are pleased to offer 10% off your first mailing. Simply quote code Tamebay10 when you place your first order with us. Offer expires 31st December 2017. So let’s begin our partnership and commence your tailor-made Secured Mail delivery.

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