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Secure parcel drop box/delivery box

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    • 80 Bond Street
    • Yeovil
    • Somerset
    • BA22 8SP
    • United Kingdom
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  • Phone: 0800 9788 273
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Are you aware that when you dispatch a parcel to your customer if they are not at home when the postman calls and they are left a card to collect with the costs of that collection falling on them.

With the average number of parcels being collected from the sorting offices now running at 560,000 a day and with IMRG calculating that the average cost to the customer to collect from the sorting is £10.94 this is of major significance. With many households needing two incomes the chances of your customer having to collect his/her parcels from the sorting office you becomes very likely so we have a solution.

Now, following our submission to Ofcom, if your client owns an alternative delivery point, Royal Mail must use it and so your customer gets his/her parcel from you first time – on time even if they are out. (Ofcom Directive 18th December 2013 nos 5.13, 5.14, 5.15 – copies available on request.)

Our Sam Squirrel and Parcel Keep boxes fully comply with Ofcom’s requirements so if your customers buy/rent our boxes from you; you improve their deliveries and their satisfaction with ordering from you and the more satisfied customer is much more likely to order from you in the future.

You will note that we have referred only to Royal Mail deliveries as each courier company operates under their own rules but with most couriers now paid per each completed delivery we have found that the majority of couriers will be pleased to use our boxes. Instructions for use are clearly described on the box itself.

So it is clear that looking after yours and your client’s interest by recommending an alternative delivery point is to your future advantage to you and your customers We show below the advantages of our boxes.

Rust-proof front opening hinged box made from HPDE – Nil Maintenance and suitable for fragile items.
Designed to be screwed to the wall 1 metre off the ground so easy to unload, and suitable for wheelchair users. The letter slot complies with EN 13724 the appoved standard.
Unique barcode that can be scanned for proof of delivery.
Over-ride key in case your forget your number
Fixing instructions and all fittings needed.
Direction signs to attach near your bell push to direct the postman to your box.
House numbers 000 to 999.
Will take 95% of all parcels.

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