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Pricesearcher is a search engine, our mission is to index all the world’s prices.


Pricesearcher is a vertical search engine that shows consumers the complete overview of all of their buying options. Our mission is to index all the world’s prices.

Over 1m searches a month take place on Pricesearcher and hundreds of Tamebay readers are already listing their sites with us and benefiting from free organic traffic.

In 2017 thousands e-commerce sites chose to submit product feeds to us in ten countries, amongst them over 250 of the UK’s most recognised brands and retailers.

We send them organic traffic – high-converting, engaged shoppers for free, forever.

The platform we have created levels the playing field and enables sellers of all sizes the opportunity to be found and sell more products completely free of cost and commission.

We’ve received coverage in The Independent and The Sun and Tamebay’s Chris Dawson has named us in the top 10 predictions in ecommerce for 2018 – ‘’Pricesearcher could become the new giants of the shopping search industry’’

Our technology can process any product feed format with no development resource required. Either utilise our Free Shopify or Woo Commerce plug-ins; send us your feed on a URL (XML, CSV, .txt, Google Shopping or other); use our FTP site; or provide the credentials to yours – whatever feed format works for you.

Once we receive a feed, you will be live and appearing in our organic search results within 24 hours.

Come and join the UK’s largest product search engine.

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