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Parcelly launched with the mission to make failed parcel deliveries a thing of the past, providing on-demand collection points.


Parcelly launched with the mission to make failed parcel deliveries a thing of the past, providing on-demand collection points to resolve existing industry problems associated with first- and last-mile delivery. Our innovative approach is easy to integrate, highly cost efficient and with a growing network of 600+ dedicated collection points throughout the UK already disrupting the retail logistics industry.

Click & Collect services are ubiquitous but Parcelly’s solution is distinctively smartphone driven and fully carrier and retailer agnostic, putting full control in the hands of consumers who decide how, where and when to receive their parcel deliveries.


Parcelly’s dedication to innovation and commitment to revolutionising the last and first mile has manifold benefits for consumers, but also the entire supply chain.

  • PARCELLY CUSTOMERS: Fully flexible and in complete control, not only when it comes to selecting a convenient Parcelly location in close vicinity, but also by requesting a new collection point in-app where it is most convenient.
  • ONLINE RETAILERS OR E-TAILERS: Parcelly is the most cost efficient open access network in the UK available without any further need of integration. Retail Partners benefit from a fully flexible click & collect solution, a guaranteed increase in first time delivery rates, as well as an improved customer shopping experience and enhanced customer satisfaction driving repeat sales. Cost savings arise furthermore from a reduction in customer service enquiries, complaints and compensation claims. Integrating with Shopify and Magento, we are working with an ever growing number of online retailers worldwide.
  • INTERNATIONAL OR LOCAL CARRIERS: Parcelly is seamlessly compatible for last and first mile deliveries and there are no charges, fees or implementation expenses involved in using our network. Our hub locations do not only lower the number of driver destinations, but also reduce the number of parcels that require multiple delivery attempts. Integrating our API offers benefits such as real-time data on available storage capacity across our network, availability, opening times and parcel status for each Parcelly location, as well as consumer service ratings.
  • CORPORATIONS AND LARGE ENTERPRISES: Benefit from fewer non-business related parcels delivered to company mailrooms. Firstly, a release of resources engaged in the internal distribution of parcel deliveries and cost savings related to potential internal post room expenses, secondly an enhanced level of security and corporate compliance and finally and increase in individual flexibility, privacy and control in relation to personal parcel deliveries for employees.

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