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On the dot is a revolutionary service that finally provides your customers with deliveries when they want them.


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On the dot is a revolutionary service that finally provides your customers with deliveries when they want them; whether that’s today, tomorrow or next week.

Our service arms shoppers with convenience and control by letting them have their stuff delivered in a 1 hour timeslot of their choice. This delivery solution reduces the number of missed deliveries, improves customer satisfaction, drives loyalty and gives you a real competitive advantage.

We are live in postcodes throughout the UK and we have a number of different On the dot solutions to suit your business:

API integration

You can integrate On the dot into your e-commerce platform, app or EPOS system. By using our RESTful API, you can offer your customers a seamless experience where deliveries can be arranged direct from your checkout page online or in-store at the till, ensuring your customer remains within your retail environment. On the dot have two APIs that retailers can integrate with: our dynamic 1 hour delivery timeslot API and our immediate delivery API. Both have been created in the most popular programming languages and our technology is free to use!

Retailer Portal- No integration

This service enables you to start offering On the dot 1 hour deliveries to your customers as soon as your store profile is created. With our Retailer Portal, you can buy money-saving delivery bundles based on a set of 5 or 10 mile radius from your store. Alternatively, there is a ‘pay as you go’ option where deliveries can be booked at a standard rate when required. You can still view and manage all of your deliveries in progress via your profile, all the time providing your customers with a unique shopping experience.

If you don’t want to integrate with our technology, the simpler way of offering your customers 1 hour delivery timeslots is to sign-up as a partner retailer at Any retailer can register and this is the perfect solution for independent retailers to offer an innovative, value added delivery service as the shopper arranges and pays for their delivery directly with On the dot. Customers will be able to see all retailers who are signed up to within a 5 mile radius of their delivery address and signing up is easy and free!

Offer your customers a unique delivery experience; join the On the dot revolution and contact us today!


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