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OFX is a global provider of online international payment services for consumer and business clients.


Introducing OFX  – one of the world’s largest international payments business offering competitive exchange rates for both businesses and consumers.  Launched in 1998, OFX now has offices worldwide in Sydney, London, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Toronto and Auckland.  To-date OFX has handled over $100BN in foreign exchange transfers and offers savings of up to 75% more favourable than banks. With its unique service model and proprietary banking relationships worldwide, we make it easy for our customers to do business with us, 24/7.

At OFX, we know cash flow is king when it comes to your business.

Managing your flow of income and revenue is critical to reinvesting capital, upgrading your service, and managing your bottom line. We understand that our clients need easy access to their money at all times.  But did you know that marketplaces like eBay, Etsy and Amazon will typically collect your share of returns, in foreign currency, and release them to you under their agreed terms?

Whether you need to pay employees, order new stock, or pay for marketing and advertising, the speed and cost of getting your money converted back to your home currency can have a large impact on your business.  It’s important to be aware that some marketplaces can be inefficient, expensive and slow when it comes to paying their sellers.

But if you’re ready to take control of your revenue, sign up with OFX.  With us, you can choose how and when to bring your money home.  Even more, we’ll do all the heavy lifting when it comes to helping you safeguard against currency risk.  We offer a variety of payment products to help you manage your exposure to volatile exchange movements.  Most digital store fronts and online marketplaces don’t offer this kind of flexibility, and that can end up costing your business big time.

Inspired international payment solutions for inspiring people.

At OFX, we only do one thing.  We deliver your money overseas at a fraction of the cost.  We’re here to assist companies who want to redefine the future, because your big ideas deserve to be shared.

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