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Newegg is the leading tech marketplace founded on over 15 years of ecommerce experience

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Since 2011 Newegg has been the leading tech marketplace founded on over 15 years of ecommerce experience. Along with low commission fees, we’ve got the tools, expertise, and unique customer base to transform your business. Explore what makes our channel different, and learn how to scale globally. Our goal is to empower you to command your total selling experience. Other benefits include:

  • Dedicated Account Support
  • Online Selling Tools
  • Bulk Listing & Reporting Tools
  • Fulfillment & Return Services
  • Business Platform Listings
  • International Listings:
    • Sell globally across 50 countries from one platform
  • Merchandising & Marketing Value-Add Services
  • Shipped by Newegg (SBN)
  • Seller Store
  • Fraud Protection


How it Works

  • Apply First
  • Get approved to sell on our invite-only marketplace
  • List your products.
    • Core categories such as Consumer Electronics, Computer Hardware, Home Automation and Automotive electronics
    • Ensure proper UPC/ GTIN codes are filled out.
    • Ensure each listing’s content is optimized. (I.e. Title, Description, Images, Overview, etc.)
  • Sell and Promote
  • Ship by using our Shipped by Newegg (SBN) program.
  • Get Paid



  • Your first 5,000 listings are free. Newegg charges a commission fee when your item sells.


Newegg Global is a cross-border selling program designed to make it easy for you to sell products to new customers from around the world. Qualified sellers can list their products across more than 50 countries. You will also have access to a number of tools from fulfillment to marketing that enables you to quickly scale with ease. Learn more by visiting Newegg Global

Newegg International Seller Program

The NISP (Newegg International Shipping Program) provides sellers an easy way to sell globally without the
complications of international shipping. Once an international order has been received, seller will ship the order to
Newegg’s warehouse facility and Newegg team will manage the rest.

Currently, NISP will ship to all international markets* made available on Newegg.

Learn more about NISP

A full index of all available service guides can be found here.

Sell on other Newegg Marketplaces

Take advantage of additional marketplaces Newegg has to offer and experience similar benefits while scaling your business.

Newegg Business

NeweggBusiness is a leading provider of a full range of IT, office, and industrial products and solutions for small businesses, government agencies, healthcare, educational institutions and system integrators. It is an ideal solution for professional sellers who want to reach a diverse and loyal business customer base.

Newegg Business Marketplace Intro:

Newegg Business Application Page:

More questions, contact our B2B Marketplace at

Newegg Canada

Canada presents a unique blend of allure and mystery for U.S. and global businesses alike. Flourishing sectors such as automotive, technology, and name brand general merchandise make this unsaturated and growing e-tail market an excellent business investment.

Newegg Canada Marketplace Intro:

Newegg Canada Marketplace Application Page:

More questions, contact our Canada marketplace at

More questions, contact us at or

Below are some useful links to our informational page that can help you to get started,

Special offer

Receive $1000 on channel marketing and 6 months free inventory storage for Shipped by Newegg items. Quote NEWEGGPIVOT OFFER in your application.

Get $1000 marketing spend & 6 months free SBN storage.
T&C's offer redeemed upon completion of below steps and final approval by Newegg Category Manager.
Sellers must be new to the Newegg platform in order to qualify for this incentive.
A fully completed and active seller account with all qualified product listings live on
Shipped by Newegg inventory received on all core products intended for sale.
All marketing and merchandising campaigns have been acknowledged and agreed upon by both seller and Newegg.
Please quote NEWEGGPIVOT OFFER, when applying.
Visit Newegg’s seller site for more information.

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