Money Transfer Comparison

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Money Transfer Comparison is an award-winning guide for international money transfers


Money Transfer Comparison is an award-winning guide for international money transfers. It is the most comprehensive guide of its kind, reviewing more than 30 different currency services, and covering an abundance of topics ranging from immigration and remittances to corporate foreign exchange.

Money Transfer Comparison is widely recognised as a global leader in its domain. It has been featured on well-known publications such Inc. Magazine, and, and was recently announced as the runner-up in the TFG Currency Awards. Its unique ranking mechanism has helped thousands of private and corporate clients find reliable payment providers, tailored to match their individual requirements.

What makes Money Transfer Comparison stand out from the competition is the depth of its reviews. The staff scrutinised areas like reputation, global reach, FX offering, and above all –

aggregates client reviews from a variety of locations across the web: expatriate discussion boards, user review platforms, and blogs. Each review is analysed down to a tee.

Money Transfer Comparison also has a dedicated section for online sellers, which details the benefits of using commercial FX firms over other alternatives. It consists of unique case-studies, Etailer-oriented reviews, and exclusive promotions.

Additional small business guides could be found on its business magazine under its corporate FX section. It consists of articles such as how to budget a new business, how to growth-hack your way up quickly, and how does international invoicing works, as well as analysis pieces like currency volatility overview for 2015, the state of overseas property for 2015, and the role of the Financial Conduct Authority in money transfers.

Money Transfer Comparison is updating frequently, and each company review is updated at least once every 6 months.

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