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An alternative finance company. An online marketplace on which young and fast-growing companies can sell their long dated, unpaid invoices.


Who are we?

MarketInvoice was founded by Anil Stocker (CEO) and Ilya Kondrashov (CFO and COO) in 2011. We are an alternative finance company and run an online marketplace on which young and fast-growing companies can sell their long dated, unpaid invoices. This releases much needed working capital for credit-starved businesses.

Over £600 million of invoices has been traded through our platform so far. We pride ourselves on an innovative approach and this is a massive part of what drives our brand – we saw an issue to solve and an old industry that was in need of a new approach.  Our product is a cashflow solution that allows the UK’s ambitious businesses to remain in control.

Why are we?

We do what we do because we believe in the businesses of Britain; they’re exciting companies doing incredible things. However, they’re being failed by the banks and traditional finance providers. One of our clients, CADA Design, is one such company.

CADA are a specialist brand and design consultancy. A great deal of the project they work on are for global clients, food stores like TESCO or restaurant chains. As a design company, they are low on fixed assets such as machinery, but are rich in ideas.

Banks and other traditional finance providers don’t like offering loans or finance to companies that don’t have many fixed assets. CADA, therefore, struggled to grow and pitch for big projects.

MarketInvoice was the perfect solution as funds are advanced based on the value of invoices, not on the assets of the business.

“Having looked for a product for our kind of business we were delighted at the ease taken in setting up and using the MarketInvoice platform.

“MarketInvoice offers a cost effective, swift and efficient way to smooth out the rollercoaster effects that sometimes affect cash flow, whether foreseen or otherwise.” David Callcott, Director.

How it works

  • Pay as you go: We’re flexible. Instead of selling your whole debtor book, trade invoices only as and when you need finance.
  • Quick: Apply online in just 15 minutes – 90% of submitted applications are accepted. Receive funds within 24 hours.
  • Hassle free: We don’t require debentures, personal guarantees or a contract

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The average cost is between 1-3% per invoice and the more you use us, the cheaper it gets!

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  • Client Case Study: Cada Design