Makes Me Healthy

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Sell healthier and smarter - Bring more customers to your business


Sell healthier and smarter – Bring more customers to your business

Makes Me Healthy is a niche marketplace for health, beauty and wellness products to support both customers and sellers. Our mission is to bring all the best start-ups & innovative brands from around the world into one marketplace to support our user’s lifestyle and sell a unique choice of products.

We’re creating a marketplace to showcase and promote natural, organic and innovative brands and retailers while creating a rich and fluid customer shopping experience. Brands are getting lost in the 1000’s of listings on the regular marketplaces and spending more to remain visible to consumers.

At Makes Me Healthy we make getting your products in front of your target audience simple. We focus on both our sellers and our customers, to ensure a great experience from start to finish throughout.

We don’t compete against retailers who list with us and want to build a strong relationship with each brand who partners with us.

Selling with us means free marketing. We’ll be promoting brands who sell with us through various channels including social, influencer, email, onsite content & off-site partnerships.
With our community of like-minded consumers who are looking for your products and a smooth and friendly website, so your products can be easily found, we’re working to increase your brand awareness, exposure, sales, and profitability.

So why sell with Makes Me Healthy?

  • Sell your products on a niche, targeted marketplace, exclusive to the UK.
  • No joining fees. No sale, no fee. 100% risk free for you.
  • We’ll create your listings and onboard you.
  • A feature rich product page enables you to list everything your customers need to know.
  • Lower seller fees than amazon and other online marketplaces for related products.
  • Dedicated admin panel, create your own store, and with easy management.
  • Free marketing – Increase your brand awareness, product and marketing reach.
  • Full support and integration to help you get the most from your listings.
  • Low commission rate of 9.0% & 1.5% for each sale.
  • Reach customers on the go with our mobile app, android, and IOS coming soon.
  • You benefit from our investment in technology, marketing, and digital innovation.
  • Fulfilment & distribution services – coming 2019.

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