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logicsale AG is one of the leading companies in price optimization for Amazon and eBay.


logicsale AG is one of the leading companies in price optimization for Amazon and eBay. In order to enable sellers to update their prices quickly and effectively, logicsale has developed an intelligent solution: software that automatically adapts strategic prices every five minutes.

How does it work? Import product data via CSV file and set price rules for your items. You define your individual price strategy within a minimum and maximum price through the logicsale interface. Pricing rules can be set via CSV file or by using the easy 1-click pricing. Within your set price range, the software automatically adjusts prices in order to maximize profit. Moreover, it reacts to market price changes through a direct connection with merchandise management systems, as well as the Amazon MWS data. Thus, the competition is always under continuous observation and prices are regulated in real-time. With logicsale, you save valuable time and can increase your profit with a few clicks. The entire operation is web-based, enabling you to access and customize your data easily from anywhere at anytime.

Available 24/7

In order to provide sellers with the best possible service, the logicsale team is available seven days a week. Each customer has their own personal Account Manager who assists them during the initial strategies and will continue to provide never-ending support.

Special Features:

– Asin+: Allows you to list items under all existing ASINs quickly and effectively.

– BuyboxCatcher®: Unlike every other repricer, this feature revolutionizes repricing by targeting the price optimization to the Buybox Owner instead of the cheapest competitor. Once the Buybox is caught, the price increases within the Amazon’s Buybox.

– Potential View: Identifies potential sales by searching for high ranking items, five percent below your minimum price, and expands on margin by uncovering items that your competition is pricing higher than your maximum price.

– Marketspy: Enables you to spy on the entire Amazon market. Whether through direct comparison of sellers, product trends or sales recommendations, each seller receives an individual and clear market evaluation. This allows you to spot the biggest competitors and visualize the best opportunities to improve sales.

– FBA Expert Mode: Distinguishes between your FBA and FBM inventory. You can set specific strategies for your FBA items to raise prices against your FBM competitors, securing more margin.

Free Trial

Logicsale offers a complementary 10-Day free trial. Click here for more Information.


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