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ListSmart is a listing optimisation app for professional eBay sellers.


ListSmart is a listing optimisation app for professional eBay sellers. It uses artificial intelligence to provide detailed, category-specific recommendations for individual eBay listings to increase their visibility and boost sales.

There are over 1 billion listings on eBay, making it easy for individual sellers to get lost in the crowd. ListSmart was created to show eBay Merchants problems with their listings that are holding them back, helping them become more like their most successful competitors.

Using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, ListSmart processes over 50 million individual listings each day. This means the app knows exactly what characteristics set top sellers apart and can automatically identify the way users’ listings need to be modified to match and even outperform topseller listings.

Once listings have been successfully optimised, the app tracks the impact of the changes made. From this, it learns which amendments are most successful for that seller so it can be even more effective in future.

ListSmart automates listing optimisation, removing guesswork and human error, putting the power of eBay success back into the user’s hands.

Because ListSmart is always learning, using our in-built data feedback loop, it can stay on top of the latest changes and optimisation opportunities in eBay’s ever-evolving marketplace much more effectively than any human.

ListSmart is highly user-friendly and its recommendation can easily be implemented live in the app or saved for uploading to third party management tools such as Volo, Linnworks and Channel Advisor.

Currently available to professional sellers in the UK, ListSmart will expand into Germany and the rest of Europe in 2017.